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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.03.07

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.03.07

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Support models
OPPO: OPPO N1 Mobile
ZTE : V987 \ V967S \ V970 \ V889S \ N909 \ V889D
Huawei : Glory 3C \ C8813 \ C8813Q \ C8813D \ C8812
Legend : S920 \ P770 \ S890 \ A789 \ P700 \ A750
Amoi : N828 \ big V \ big V progress version
Good domain : G4 \ G3 \ G2 \ G2S \ G2 dual-core
TCL: TCL S950 \ S950T \ N3 Unicom version
Millet : red rice phone \ millet 1 \ millet 1S
Other models: Zhuopu C2 \ Amagatarai U86 \ peppers M1 \ Cool 5890 \ Galaxy Nexus \ Red Hot Chili Peppers

OS5 week recommended :
Highlights this week :
Add alarm sounded, turning the phone into a nap
Let the dream continues , is a virtue

Add weather to support targeted to the county
Whether from the stars , or from the town , the weather is intimate with you

Added automatic call recording
Killing device , please caution

Users concerned about the problem :
Yellow Pages fix wrong number calls (By tradesky)
No repair favorite contacts alphabetical order by first letter (By 360dm)
Even now the desktop error fix
Under repair the lock screen , drag the icon into the telephone dial pad , the process will be flashed to unlock the desktop
When repairing bulk transfer Pictures folder disappeared (By Vizr)
Repair [6577 OS5] phone comes with a clock time is not synchronized (By Mo lines )
Repair can not be further positioned to weather the positioning county , only locate municipal (By xi m )

Full model update
[ Talk ]
Dual card wizard interface optimized layout details
Repair [6582 OS5] lock screen when the call button to unlock even after the passage of the current contacts FC

[ Info ]
New repair information , the recipients of the free to enter any two numbers or letters after the “Contacts ” FC

[ Desktop ]
Repair of English language , the ” week ” icon on the desktop calendar does not translate
Restoration of the folder where the application using the desktop hidden features can cause an empty folder on the desktop
Repair [ Qualcomm OS5] UIM card icon does not match with the System icon

[ Music player ]
When optimizing playback does not automatically download music online , downloaded to the user rights
Repair the phone connected to the computer , open the USB data storage, music player appear FC
Repair download online music being played in the FC will now
Click on the playlist selection screen repair my collection, I downloaded , will not play the songs in the list
After adding songs to the repair play songs A single song , then play another song when the add operation , the songs were performed by adding A’s operation , instead of adding now playing song
When the repair operation to perform several songs ( added to the song list , collection, or delete operation ) , and sometimes the interface Caton
Repair singer navigation interface with the alphabet , phonetic alphabet to switch to any song positioning allowed
Repair singers list , in alphabetical index slide bar, highlighting the effect of the letter does not change with
No built-in storage and returned to repair the phone to play music during the open USB storage , press the menu – Scan music files , newspaper media FC
Fix some audio files, music list can be read but can not play

[ Camera ]
Fix to open the camera , lock screen unlocked at Gallery FC
Sometimes no sound camera pictures restoration

[ Gallery ]
Repair Edit album name is empty , suggesting that ” creation failed , and the album has the same name ”

[ Security Center ]
Repair [ Qualcomm OS5] virus protection “Stop Scan” and “Continue Scan” font position inconsistent

Variety [ subject]
Variety theme download online repair into themes, sometimes prompts the download fails

[ Lock Screen ]
When repairing the lock screen , first unlock the call, and then the lock screen to unlock the information still enter the call interface

[ Common Controls ]
Repair [6577 OS5] public interface timer switch control is not replaced
Fix security interceptor , the card 1 card 2 icons and text do not align

[ File Manager]
Repair [ Qualcomm OS5] delete any file / folder , dialog “OK ” position offset.

Optimization [ Smart somatosensory ] open intelligent answer, pick up the phone to your ear when answering calls insensitive
Optimization [ Smart somatosensory ] open handset switch automatically switches after receiving calls sometimes fail
Restoration [ Smart somatosensory ] open pocket mode and gradually ring tones , blocking distance sensors, one large and one small ringtone volume should be increased from small to big
Restoration [ Smart somatosensory ] to remove the call settings to answer an incoming call flip mute and smart menu
Restoration [ Smart somatosensory ] turn the ringer getting loud, even when a call is now being given com.lewa.providers.sensor
Third-party applications [ ]
Repair [ Sogou input method ] is not checked by default , you need to manually set
Repair [Patch models ] lost third-party applications
Repair [ Qualcomm OS5] even now ” online video ” FC
Google Play can not open or repair can not download the application

[ App Store ]
Align the dividing line between the two sides to optimize application
Repair [720P] Recommend page display incomplete applications
Download QQ repair or micro-channel or popular pages from the search page , the two -page application states still recommended “Install ”
Slide down the list of applications when no network repair , has been in the bottom loading , is not connected to the network will not be prompted

[ Problem ] models
Repair [OPPO N1] all the settings , click on the battery in the battery case into the details of the roadmap , should be changed to the lower left corner of the WLAN WIFI
Repair [C8813] enabled micro-channel ( clean up after back-office applications ) , there will be one second of the video
Repair [ red pepper ] cameras default to 4:3 preview
Repair [MTK6582] double clear after boot , set up a dual open the wizard , jump blank box
Repair [MTK6582] Dual cards standby , set the tone finish , the top left corner of the return key is invalid


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