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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.02.21

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.02.21

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Support models
OPPO: OPPO N1 Mobile
ZTE : V987 \ V967S \ V970 \ V889S \ N909 \ V889D
Huawei : Glory 3C \ C8813 \ C8813Q \ C8813D \ C8812
Legend : S920 \ P770 \ S890 \ A789 \ P700 \ A750
Amoi : N828 \ big V \ big V progress version
Good domain : G4 \ G3 \ G2 \ G2S \ G2 dual-core
TCL: TCL S950 \ S950T \ N3 Unicom version
Millet : red rice phone \ millet 1 \ millet 1S
Other models: Zhuopu C2 \ Amagatarai U86 \ peppers M1 \ Cool 5890 \ Galaxy Nexus \ Red Hot Chili Peppers

OS5 week recommended :
New adaptation glory 3C, small red chili peppers , Le Frog MTK6582 platform set sail !
Secret hidden feature : app list on page three point slide to open the application to hide the interface

Users concerned about the problem :
Repair [S950T] settings , click storage , set close unexpectedly
Murmur repair [S950T] recorder playback while recording
Repair many cases lead to the keyboard lights lit
Repair [ m 1 / Cool 5890/OPPO N1] after removing part of the application , restart the phone application will appear on your desktop
Repair [ 6577 platform models ] desktop clock widget time is not synchronized (By tough guy family )
Repair [ Qualcomm platform models ] status bar wifi icon on the side

Full model update :
[ Security ] interception
After the repair strange number calls ring out to hang up , the status bar displays intercept information , see the security interceptor into the bottom of the Security Center displays the number of phone messages to 0

[ Antivirus ]
When no network repair , you will be prompted to complete the first cloud killing cloud killing mistakes

Variety [ subject]
Repair [ red envelopes to ] [Patch models ] long press power button , pop-up box off button on the left POP icon is displayed in blue
Repair [ red envelopes to ] notification bar background does not replace the corresponding resource
Repair [ red envelopes to ] the upper left corner of the back key and the menu list click effect should not blue
Repair [ red envelopes to ] long press the power button, the pop icon does not replace the tab for the corresponding resource

[ Common Controls ]
Repair double clear brush , round switch is off by default , but the system interface displays fillet

[ Problem ] models
Repair [S950T] settings , click storage , set FC.
Murmur repair [S950T] recorder playback while recording
Repair [V970] off screen after screen lock / low battery / charging, the keypad lights are often lit immortal.
Repair [ m 1] SIM card authentication bomb box , OK / Cancel buttons right background
Repair [Patch models ] after the built-in third-party applications to delete , reboot the phone will appear on your desktop
Repair [OPPO N1] Le Frog choose to register the account , it says ” Can not connect to the network ” login is normal
Repair [ peppers M1] has no effect when you turn the touch vibration

[ Traffic monitoring ]
Optimization [ m 1 ] traffic ranking page , upper right corner of the icon text to “WLAN”
Repair when the remaining amount of traffic monitoring only KB, each incoming traffic monitor interface will first 0.xxKB, and then show xxxKB

Repair on the phone display is Le Frog slogan in English

[ Clock ]
Repair add or edit an alarm, select nap time , the list does not have any option is selected
Repair [6577 OS5] desktop clock widget time is not synchronized (By tough guy family )

[ Weather ]
After the repair switch themes , open weather FC
Repair 12:00 posted 00 points for the weather display

[ Gallery ]
When you add the album screen repair , check Select All, Select upper right corner of the icon displayed in the ditch , when checked part of the directory , select all the top right corner of the icon is displayed as a fork
Even when the fix is now entering the gallery FC
Repair New Album , the album name and the album has been repeated , without any prompting , nor New Album
After the repair using a pea pod screenshots, view thumbnail gallery picture prompts no disconnect pea pod connection , slow response to re-enter the picture , and the gallery FC
View panorama fix , set the filter effects , multiple effects switch , gallery FC
Choose an image from the gallery to repair , and save the settings filter effects , appears once gallery FC

[ Talk ]
Repair 189-0567 attribution paragraph numbers should belong Bozhou , Suzhou is currently displayed as
Repair dual SIM card card management after the name change , traffic monitoring in the dual card did not change the name

[ Small applications ]
Repair time and time clock interface status bar is not uniform
After repairing the recording to see the list of recordings , click play , return to the recording screen during playback , recording waiting finished playing , click on the recording, playing audio files still prompt
When repairing large fonts and large font , font beyond the borders stopwatch interface

[ Camera ]
Repair information to add record video , a 4:3 ratio is not displayed as full-screen , and no recording time display

[ Music player ]
Favorite song editing interface repair after clicking the icon does not switch to cancel the collection status , are indications song collections per click success

[ Status Bar ]
Optimization [ Qualcomm models ] wifi icon on the side
Optimization [ Qualcomm models ] Mobile Data Icon Spacing
Optimization of the status bar icon and signal icon alarm too close

[ Desktop ]
Repair [ Qualcomm models ] dual boot after clearing brush application icon position is not aligned
Repair lock screen calendar display and desktop widget displays the time inconsistency (By God’s Waterfront )


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