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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.02.28

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.02.28

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Support models
OPPO: OPPO N1 Mobile
ZTE : V987 \ V967S \ V970 \ V889S \ N909 \ V889D
Huawei : Glory 3C \ C8813 \ C8813Q \ C8813D \ C8812
Legend : S920 \ P770 \ S890 \ A789 \ P700 \ A750
Amoi : N828 \ big V \ big V progress version
Good domain : G4 \ G3 \ G2 \ G2S \ G2 dual-core
TCL: TCL S950 \ S950T \ N3 Unicom version
Millet : red rice phone \ millet 1 \ millet 1S
Other models: Zhuopu C2 \ Amagatarai U86 \ peppers M1 \ Cool 5890 \ Galaxy Nexus \ Red Hot Chili Peppers

OS5 week recommended :
Highlights this week :
1, add two smart somatosensory function , the phone easier to use

Pocket mode
After opening , the next set of non- mute a call, if the phone is in your pocket , the ringing tone from the user to set the volume to maximum volume increasing

Switching the handset
After opening , when the speakerphone, mobile phone to his ear , automatically switch to handset mode , caring protect your ears

2 , ring tones increasing function is turned on , when the ringtone set the volume will gradually increase

3 , pre- clean version of Sogou input method, enjoy the sheer fun of input
Open the status bar without the input method Sogou icon
No push messages pushed to the notification bar
No frequent updates prompt the input interface
Can uninstall

Users concerned about the problem :
Optimization [ red envelopes to ] theme not replace resources
Description excessive weather text displayed when repairing incomplete
Fix music interface , pull down the status bar to open the USB storage , music error
Repairing repeated the same first online music download
Sim card restoration toggle switch dual card is lost
Repair preferred installation location for the SD card , store downloaded software is still installed in the built-in SD card

Full model update
[ Users ] concerns
Optimize resource envelopes to the topic is not replaced
When repairing dual card standby , pull down the status bar there are no quick switch dual card data switch
Description excessive weather text displayed when repairing incomplete
Fix music interface , pull down the status bar to open the USB storage , music FC
You can fix the same song repeatedly download music online
Repair applications preferred installation location for the SD card , the app store to download the software is still installed on the phone’s built- SD card

[Contact ]
No matter what kind of repair PIM shortcut from entering , press the Back button to return to first return to a dial pad / contacts list , you can not return directly to your desktop

[ Info ]
After the repair information into the information received details view , to return to the message list , update the upper right corner of the subscript numbers slow

[ Music player ]
Fix music interface , pull down the status bar to open the USB storage , music FC
Double-click on the player interface to repair the return key does not exit the music player

[ Gallery ]
Press enter to repair the album selection screen , deselect all function is invalid

[ Camera ]
When repair horizontal screen, weather seals and shoot buttons overlap
Repair the lock screen slide into the camera around at Gallery FC

[ Security Center ]
Repair into the garbage cleaning , cleaning garbage SD card , click on the Stop detection in the detection , will be displayed for about 5 seconds after the stop detection interface
Variety [ subject]
Repair Variety theme switching fonts FC
Traditional under repair , dialog box text applications last topic there is an extra symbol
Repair New Year theme, enter the gallery to view photos , photos, redness , and thumbnail display inconsistent
Repair New Year theme, switch back to the default theme , open any application , the background process interface or New Year theme background
Repair New Year theme , dials clicked highlight effect is displayed in red , it should appear as a yellow border style
Repair New Year theme , press power button icon does not replace all of the options on the left -themed New Year

[ Common Controls ]
Repair [ Qualcomm OS5] after the search box on the right to enter any character X icon to clear , click on a blue background over border

[ Traffic monitoring ]
Repair traffic monitoring the main interface name is not followed by the name of dual card dual card management change in

Traditional repair language slogan on the phone wrong , should be ” happy frog , let Andrews happier ! ”

[ Clock ]
Repair [MTK 4.2] nap time over the phone is not set , the default nap for 10 minutes after the alarm response choice nap , prompted a mistake, as ” suspended five minutes .”
Repair response timer is still under lock screen pop-up box

[ Weather ]
Repair of temperature trends in weather conditions described in the text exceeds the words such as ” Cloudy with rain ” will be displayed as two lines , causing the temperature does not show
Repair weather applications without manually entering the city and the weather application to add cities when there is no network , close the pop-up prompt does not return to the Weather screen

? ? Small applications
When playing audio file repair , return to the main interface to enter a list of recording again , do not see the playback progress bar

[ Download Manager ]
Repair Download Management bulk delete interface , when one is not checked, the Delete button should be grayed
Downloading interface has suspended repair records , no records have been downloaded interface , download the interface from scratch to process the downloaded interface , press the menu button , the interface will be stuck at the bottom of the menu

[ App Store ]
No network applications open repair shop , and then connect to the network , the most popular page is not refreshed, you must re- enter or return sliding around
Repair switch to English language mode, enter the application store, the “Open” button to display too large
Fix the “Install” icon button is too large, the amount of text to coincide with software installation and recommend star icon
Repair the preferred installation location settings SD card , with the App Store to download the software , install the phone’s built- in SD card
5.0 system repair thematic style useless style

[ Status Bar ]
Even now repaired fast switching drop-down bar, switch icon into two lines

[ Problem ] models
Repair [ Amagatarai _U86] After opening the keyboard light and automatic brightness non lock screen , keyboard lights lit
Repair [ peppers M1] keyboard light goes off after difficult lighting
Repair [Patch] music player, when you add a playlist to set the cover unsuccessful
Repair [ glory 3C] double clear boot into the system , it will automatically go into the music again, and then into the system interface Frog Logo
Repair [S950] download the upgrade from version OTA / the whole package , restart the upgrade error
Repair [OPPO N1] App Store search results list disappears
Repair [ glory 3C] under [ red pepper ] dual card set voice ringtones , FC
Repair [ glory 3C] volume button not working properly wake up the screen


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