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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V44

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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V44

ROM = /himax/rom/baidu/

Disclaimer: This version adapted from “Night Snow” portable version. Thanks to “Night Snow” party this hard to force the third year in a busy transplant, we pay tribute to him.

Current transplantation Features:
1. Smooth, boot up the available memory on the 630M, any one of Baidu cloud ROM is smoother than ever. Run the game without pressure.
2. Streamline the APK part (purely personal preference).
3 due to migration package pixels 500W pixels, in order to ensure that everyone’s experience of Baidu cloud camera, the camera does not replace the original, do not mind the brush, do not tucao.
4 Other official update instructions see below.

BUG: shock button is still doing it.

Current ROM Recommended:
First, the timer switch, addiction ByeBye
Timer switch function on mobile phone addiction machine friends have some control, control machine faithful put down the phone, do not indulge in the “atmosphere” in chat mode; increase in ROM35 shutdown alarm clock function has been unanimously machine faithful praise. Faithful machine set off the alarm in case of default, each click of a shutdown are required to shut down multiple alarm settings, this switch is set to increase for the shutdown alarm clock, easy to set off the alarm unwanted local friends. (Shutdown alarm clock function description, click here)
1, the timer switch: Set – battery, increase timer switch settings. When turned on, you can set the phone boot time and shutdown time of day.
2, switch off the alarm: clock – alarm settings, set off the alarm switch (default on).
Set off the alarm or timer on, the alarm will be smart tips boot time or shutdown; do not set off the alarm or timer boot, shutdown can also choose to enter the next fast boot state.

Second, the size of streamlining, “downsizing” 10M Size
Current project team for the entire ROM image size are optimized. Size streamline ROM package downsizing at least 10M or more in size.

Three, DLNA music player, great little phone control equipment
Want to share favorite songs on the phone with his family? Want to have a home theater sound? As long as the smart phone and support for DLNA devices (such as millet box, smart TV, etc.) being in the same network, click “Connect DLNA devices”, after the connection is successful, no matter where you are in the home of a gap, can give family and Friends bring a different feel. Small cell phone control large equipment, it’s that simple!

Baidu cloud ROM music player supports cloud / local video playback music via DLNA (ie, multi-screen interactive technology) on other devices, as follows:
1, when the music player to play the song, you can choose a local play or DLNA playback.
2, the display interface will look DLNA device. Once found, list all DLNA devices to choose from, select the start on the selected playback device, select Cancel to cancel this player.
3, looking at the device, connect the device process, you can cancel the operation.
4, after the pairing is successful, start playing a song, you can choose to switch back to the local during playback.

Fourth, the status bar displays the time to add a click event
1, the status bar when you click on the upper left corner of the pull-down time can pull clock, alarm clock application to operate
2, the status bar when you click on the upper left corner of the drop-down date can pull up the calendar application to view work schedules and other records.
This shortcut reduces the user clicks on the calendar icon to operate, convenient and easy.


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