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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.29

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.29

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Concerned about Le Frog Micro Signal: lewaos, benefit a lot! ! ! Advance broke the news, the announcement of early release updates, special events, but also a lot of prizes, we quickly focus on it!
OS5 week recommended:
App Store home page loading speed optimization
Language settings to optimize the full support of English and Traditional
Optimized positioning accuracy greatly improved weather
Repair of a third-party application data accidentally deleted key clean

OS5 user attention:
Turn on the camera screen after bird’s-eye fix no camera process (By Vizr)
Press the Home key to fix Unable to open the flashlight (Ferris Wheel By Love 123)
Repaired using third-party dial-up software PIM error (By taotao197710)
Repair of a key lock screen widget disappear after reboot (By small Biao)
Repair C8813/C8813D not loud ringtones
Home repair some models music key failure
Phone restart after repair P770 open USB storage
Optimized Desktop Folder text display (By Vizr)
Optimizing delete automatic positioning of the city after the weather will not be repeated (By iskywill)

Le Frog tips:
1 What is PIM
Le Frog OS PIM is the first contacts, calls, SMS triple interface, ready to be in touch with friends easily.

Known issues :
After the upgrade version this week, unable to see the updated description
Official website to download the OTA upgrade package manually placed in the sd card, choose to enter “version upgrade” after “install from SD card” will cause the upgrade to fail.

Full model update:
Optimization of the main contact list menu to remove the Import / Export menu, keep the contact settings in the import and export functions
Optimization of export and import to the SIM card from the SIM card, select the contact interface, attribution to follow behind the numbers displayed
Optimization import more than the maximum number of SIM card contacts to your SIM card, prompting notification bar
Optimization import feature from the SIM card bomb box interface, icon size SIM card to import all the import and inconsistent
After the repair contact has two numbers, one number to call, and sometimes there was no “recent” appears next to the number
Fix import contacts from a SIM card Select a contact interface, click on the displayed incomplete Surnames Surnames
Fix import contacts from a SIM card Select a contact interface, without display avatar
Le Frog account recovery repair down the contacts can not be imported SIM card
Repair the contact details of the SIM card in, press the Menu key ? Delete Contact invalid
Fix export contacts from the phone to the card 1:00, first click on the “Export” button is invalid
Fix import contacts from the SIM card, contact unchecked, the Import button should be grayed
Repair edit a contact phone were multiple phone numbers, residential units, etc., to see all the contact details for the phone displays (By slgdpm)
Contact Settings ? Sharing repair visible contacts, any item is not checked, the “Share” button should be grayed
Repair dial pad interface display digital input area after clicking the cursor appears, the cursor should not hide
No. segment attribution repair 1562892XXXX
Repair using a third-party dial-up software Dialing FC (By taotao197710)
In particular operation will pop up when repairing FC delete SIM card information

Weather urban settings optimized interface, add subtitle urban interface dividing line
Optimization of current desktop wallpaper is white, and the brightness is too high when the weather widget on place names displayed clear
Repair QHD resolution models, desktop folder text display insufficiency (By Vizr)
Adding to repair a key lock screen widget, after the restart of a key lock screen widgets disappear (By small Biao)
Repair new camera phone is not on, the screen lock screen horizontally divided over the interface will show the way into a new camera (By cc1125)
Repair the shortcut bar has applications installed on external storage, and after the restart, the application icon disappears from the shortcut bar (By zhaohaojun)
Repair deleted positioning weather, or there will be positioning weather (By iskywill) again when networking
Dynamic weather icon on the repair folder, switch the default folder on the city’s weather icon does not automatically refresh
Repair traffic monitoring package has been set, the desktop icon is always displayed dynamic traffic monitoring 0

Download Manager
After the repair download applications, download manager “downloaded” page, click Record, jump interface is not uniform

Security Center
Optimized license management interface default picture ? log interface, no any content
After downloading files accidentally deleted a key optimization fix security center
After the repair is not checked for cleaning up garbage scan items directly click cleanup, should not be displayed “clean up has been completed.”

Turn on the camera screen after bird’s-eye fix no camera process (By Vizr)

File Manager
Repair the file manager arbitrary classification of storage space inside the screening, slide to the SD card or internal storage management administration, click on any folder could not be opened

Lock screen
Repair the phone language is set to English, lock screen characters overlap (By U201013569)

Music player
Music catalog selection interface optimized to increase the Select All button

Press the power button to light up the screen after long press the home button does not shine a flashlight under repair lock screen. (By Love Ferris wheel 123)

Qualcomm platform:
Repair is not loud ringtones
Repair [V889D] application flash back
Repair [C8813] resulted in low memory on an infinite reboot Le Frog Desktop
When the security interceptor repair records, intercept recording interface and then unlock the lock screen, status bar white
Repair [N909] phone automatically restart during use

M 1, Nexus:
After the repair Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth shared FC reported
Repair set into the gallery, the interface is empty
Repair play music, HOME key failures
Repair some pop-up control is not replaced OS5 style, such as the restart confirmation bomb box
When repair [Nexus] radio file in the file manager, there is no menu key function
Repair [Nexus] flashlight switch dislocation


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