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LA-M1 LeWA OS5 13.10.25

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LA-M1 LeWA OS5 13.10.25

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Optimize the contact details, suspended Button Edge
Optimization of key information and new information details the interface, add the attachment icon and the upper right corner to add contact icon
Details optimal adjustment of the interface into the contents of the attachment order
Fix English, the dual card wizard interface with text
Fix dialpad to enter the number, then delete, delete, and menu button pops up call screening
Fix special number dial out numbers matching Avatar is not uniform
Repair when a relatively long conversation in SMS, enter the session was taken up above Avatar No, you can not eject the keyboard input method
Fix not delete SMS, SMS content has been deleted, but the list also session exists (Guards bread feedback)
Repair shooting video send messages, display size when shooting tens of K, after adding displayed as 285K
Repair Variety topic replacement fonts, SIM card does not display the contacts disappear
Fix FWVGA resolution, when you delete a contact group, will be at the bottom of a contact Delete button obscured, causing the contact could not be selected
Repair group contact list, click the top right corner of the Select All button no reaction
Fix Contacts Edit Contact screen appears after a blank SMS MMS
After repairing delete duplicate contacts, to select a group to send the group information, contact does not have to be put into the To box
Optimization to improve boot speed of loading the desktop
Automatic positioning data optimization weather
Optimized default return Shanghai Weather positioning data (skipper feedback)
Repair part of the machine on the desktop after upgrading to OS5 repeated application icon will appear
Restored after the 0:00, the date and time widget on lunar calendar icon does not update
Select Repair Variety theme music frog OS5 theme, download and apply the desktop weather application icon does not change with the weather
Repair from a folder directly drag the application uninstall launcher FC
Fix Desktop aerial interface returns sporadic starter FC
Fix each boot desktops are automatically jump to the first page, you can not locate the set in their own home
Fix rotate desktop screen appears when the thumbnail screen overlaps with aerial
Fix is ??currently in non-primary screen interface Desktop, press the Home key to return to the main screen interface Caton
Fix weather switch to English again after switching will be Chinese, still show English language
Status Bar
Fix 1080P resolution status bar batteries rely on digital display
Fix QHD resolution status bar is too close to signal the Bluetooth icon
Fix status bar icon is too small unread messages
Fix insert foreign SIM card, the SIM card and the signal bar roaming mark overlap
Sometimes after boot repair data services will pop up a prompt has been disabled
Common Controls
Optimizing system settings, recorder, security interceptor interface with a rubber band effect when switching subtitle
Optimized version upgrade – Install from SD card, at the bottom of the “Start Upgrade” button
Fix power management, long standby custom and intelligent power-saving custom interface Tab subheadings should support full screen around
Fix dual card, voice telephone set interface, ringtones settings need right arrow
Repair flow setting monthly package in the balance sheet date can not be one-off or leave it on the 30th next
Variety Theme
Optimized lock screen wallpaper and sometimes online Online Desktop Wallpaper interface without thumbnails
Repair Variety topic, between the local and online slide has obvious Caton
Fix Online theme “fresh” Download failed without thumbnail display
Repair set the lock screen “curtain pity,” lock screen overlap
Repair using a non-default lock screen style theme, lock screen wallpaper changer can not afford
File Manager
Fix an arbitrary classification category management, click to select any storage space filtering space and click refresh, refresh the entire document interface
Security Center
Fix intercept calls without numbers, the security interceptor FC
Fix the SD card to an empty folder can not be cleaned out, there will always be three empty folders
Traffic Monitoring
Fix background traffic alert notifications in the drop down status bar icon in the lower right corner surrounded by black frame
Lock screen
Repair using pattern or password lock screen, lock screen wallpaper is black, does not show proper lock screen wallpaper (B-BOY star feedback)
Camera Gallery
Fix Gallery Long press on any image to be checked again after unchecking Click any picture, gallery FC
Qualcomm platform
Optimization of the status bar the SIM card and the battery icon a flag
Optimize the drop-down status bar, Card 1 Card 2 Data switch icon
Optimized single tower signals, Bluetooth, mute and battery icon slightly smaller percentage and time charging slightly larger font
Optimize signal towers telecom card downwards
Optimization of the status bar notification icon is too large
Fix the drop-down status bar, click on the date at the date can not jump to the calendar interface
Repair just machines or search signal, the signal icon should not be blue
Fix File Manager to manually select multiple files, the bottom of the controls disappear
Fix APK file and theme files can not be sent via Bluetooth
Fix Call settings and status information on the phone screen, click the menu button dims
M 1, Nexus
Optimized Desktop default icon location address icon vacancies
Fix keyboard light setting is invalid, can not be closed after opening
Fix the call log to update to OS5 style contact picture
Repair call 10086, the pop-up box without a digital key
Repair call, press the dial key, dial key name becomes CMCC
Fix some problems acore FC
Repair deleted contacts group FC
Fix contact details interface, contact name is not centered
Fix long press alarm clock, clock FC
Fix File Manager, the installation packet classification, long press any APK, installation package disappears
Fix Calculator history button at the bottom show incomplete
Fix download theme and apply online, then switch back to the default theme, application icons can not exchange for default
Repair [Nexus] phone does not support external memory card, storage, and cleaning up the default memory settings page and a premier installation location should be grayed
Repair traffic monitoring calibration page, it should not be sliding up and down
Fix security interceptor, update smart interception library Click unresponsive
Repair USB option to select a number, and check and mount the SD card charging no response


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