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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 4.2.28

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 4.2.28

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

Update to the latest 4.2.28 MIUI code
This ROM based on the official website of the official bag of millet production, thanks to the big G, Jiangbei , nori, the night of snow and 592 group of friends

ROM package instructions

Use of this ROM , please note the following
1 . Two tone is muted by default card with dual card users , please set up a card two tones once, or else the card two silent calls
2 . Swap with additional settings within the kernel needs to open , there is no , the proposed closure .
3 . Brush on the desktop for the first time , please press “meun ? Settings ? Desktop wallpaper scrolling type ” selected ” centered ” This interface will become smooth.
4 . Turn into “Settings ? Additional settings” the ” fast boot ” and ” interface acceleration” off, ¬†otherwise it will restart invalid and interface flashes.
5. Proposal ” Developer Options ? Settings ? force GPU rendering ” open, so the desktop will not card.
6. Screen appears as a rounded vertex Close
7 . Friends of the machine as part of the Brush calls vibration , go ? Additional settings of the ” fast boot ” shut down, restart and then brush again

Update log :
[ Recommended] this week
Security Center add new rubbish timed reminder function
When you add the delete icon Smart fill in the blank
When setting up your desktop wallpaper optimized editing mode , which can be set to lock screen wallpaper
When a call using a Bluetooth headset optimized to improve download performance of wifi
Fix the problem can not be connected with certain routes
When repairing electric bell , plug headphones loud speaker volume inconsistencies
[SMS ]
Repair flight mode, texting may flash back problems
Repair some cases , the problem of network failure messages
[ Lock screen , status bar, notification bar ]
When optimizing SIM card is not inserted , the status bar icon shows no SIM card
Repair the drop-down notification bar process, if you receive a new notification , the notification bar jammed problem
[ Desktop ]
When you add the delete icon Smart fill in the blank
Set wallpaper optimized editing mode , which can be set to lock screen wallpaper
[ App Store ]
Optimization ” Features ” page fonts
Optimization logic is first turned on automatic upgrade
Optimization ” Management ” page to update the list at the bottom , “Upgrading record” button style
Optimization automatically upgrade process does not display a notification bar to remind
When poor repair networks , collections page application can not be added or deleted to refresh the list of issues
[ Security Center ]
Added functionality timed reminder rubbish
When installing new applications to fail due to insufficient space , the user is prompted to clean up garbage
Optimization ” garbage cleanup” module , change the default reminder time interval of 3 days
Mobile repair capacity display the wrong question
[ Millet ] deals
Repair switch cities, will be repeated request failed Tab switching problems
When restoration started , if you deny authorization location , cause problems prompted millet offers are not responding


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