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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.12.13

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.12.13

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

OS5 week recommended:
New anti inadvertently forced off key combination: Power + Volume keys on
optimizing S950, millet an end package update
added [6589 platform] “Desktop permanent memory” switch to avoid loading the desktop phenomenon

OS5 user attention:
Repair using a third-party anti inadvertently lock screen function abnormalities (By Firstcarfan)
can not be lit after the repair anti inadvertently turned the screen lock screen automatically
fix font size to modify the system status bar turns white after
repair [6577 platform] After inserting the earphone music player exception (By l1070932972)
repair [millet 1 \ millet 1S] [6577 platform] Call settings “on vibrate when ringing” check invalid (By small Biao)
repair [ millet 1 \ millet 1S ] to set the system time format is 24 hours continuously error
repair [ millet 1 \ millet 1S ] can not be selected vibration alarm clock
repair [ millet 1 \ millet 1S ] Aerial interface has been used traffic data anomalies (By cry of joy feedback)

Le Frog tips:
1 What is often said that the 6577 platform, the 6589 platform
The full name of the so-called 6577,6589 platform is MTK6577 and MTK6589 chip platform chip platform, the update bulletin 6577 platform refers to all applicable models used in the soundtrack frogs OS MTK6577 chip models, empathy can get 6589 platform is the use of MTK6589 chip models.

6577 platform includes: Big V \ big V progress version \ G3 \ G2 \ G2S \ G2 dual-core \ P770 \ S890 \ V889S \ V970
6589 platform includes: N828 \ G4 \ S920 \ S950 \ V967S \ V987 \ red rice hand machine

Full model update:
Join shock when new intelligent answer
Optimize contacts and SMS occasional gaps in
Repair card playing card box, direct dial election has been recently used to display the card 1
Repair Contact Settings ? to display the contact interface, SIM card only icons, no text back and behind the phone column written English Phone (By once simple-minded)

Add widgets interface optimized direct dial, direct messages and contacts icon
After the repair reset the desktop, and then enter the desktop settings, the desktop FC
When repairing delete the desktop screen, desktop, even now FC
Batch download and install the fix is ??applied backstage at the desktop folder onto the desktop when the desktop application even now FC
Repair using a browser listen to music online, after exiting the browser does not stop the music

[Common Controls]
Repair enter the recording, press the recording file, delete a style icon replaced with 5.0 (4.1 models)
Under repair the lock screen, pop-up alarm clock expired should be rounded
Set the time and date of repair systems bomb box interface, click on the current set-up time of local or below the top of the local blue background coverage area beyond borders

[Status Bar]
When optimizing a tape recorder, recording notification bar icon
Modify the system after the repair status bar white font size
Click on the background traffic alerts fix should flow into the details of using the card interface
When repair wifi off, and sometimes even the status bar now displays the wifi icon
When the repair status bar horizontal screen, sometimes fast switching displays two rows

Variety [subject]
After optimizing the online topic in the hammer ROM icon appears too large third-party applications (1080p models)
Repair Download lock screen, click Apply after the completion of the theme FC
Online repair the lock screen style, the grandmother could not taste the thumbnail display

[Security Center]
Repair authorization management sporadic FC
Repair System Settings ? Set notification push notification bar ? Application Management, Baidu map reading and cloud icon does not show

When optimizing into the camera, first adjust the focus, its icon appears misplaced
Use weather seal self-repair, turn off the filter screen after entering the filter, slide the weather seal on the viewfinder screen, certain probability FC
New repair information, click Add Accessories ? photographs, FC
Repair switch the video icon still appears in the horizontal screen vertical screen
After the repair horizontal screen into the camera and slide under the gallery, and then return the camera interface, just above the black block display

[Lock Screen]
Repair the lock screen is set to None, anti inadvertently opened, automatically lock screen, blocking the phone’s proximity sensor, the screen does not light
Anti inadvertently open repair function, using third-party software after lock screen lock screen can not light up the screen. (By Firstcarfan)

[App Store]
New App Store differential upgrade

[Version upgrade]
Even now FC fix version upgrade
Repair set the font is large, the progress of the download version and pause buttons on both sides of the cancellation of the font display incomplete

Repair the flashlight, press the Back key to return to the desktop, pull down the status bar flashlight switch invalid clicks

Third-party applications []
European friends updated browser
Excessive repair into 365 calendar interface is inconsistent with black, and the overall design of OS
Repair essays encrypted folder should remember not delete
Essays can not remember remind repair the lock screen interface
Repair essays not remember login account, sync FC

[Repair] platform
[Qualcomm platform] to repair the alarm editing interface, vibration switch controls replace 5.0 style
[Qualcomm platform] fix dual SIM models, call settings other settings neutron Title Hits color should be dark blue uniform system
[Qualcomm platform] upgrade version does not fix the low battery alert
[Qualcomm platform] fix sound and vibration settings ? ring setting, click on the system after ringing click OK or Cancel matter will be reported FC
[Qualcomm platform] fix third-party software can not be installed on an external SD card
[Qualcomm platform] fix dual card is inserted, traffic monitor interface has only one calibration page can not be calibrated separately two cards flow

[Repair] models
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix to set the system time format is 24 hours after FC
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix the alarm expires after replacing popups remind 5.0 style
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] replace repair software interface unresponsive to 5.0 style (By wenjiasheng)
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix call settings check box replaced 5.0 style
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix contact details screen, the bottom edge of the bottom suspension controls have ghost
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix call settings “when ringing shock” after the check, the check did not become re-enter the exit status (By that touch of relations)
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix Aerial interface, the top right has been displayed with the flow 0 (By cry of joy)
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix the alarm editing interface, you can not check the vibration


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