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Tutorial Repartisi Memory Internal

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Tutorial Repartisi Memory Internal

TOOL = /himax/tool/LA-M1-Repartition-Tool.zip3

peppers M1 increases data repartitioning tutorial
due to too much trouble to write this, I wrote word, good layout, spread all the major platform for all small chili M1 download access to the altar not to send outside the network link, for everyone to see the attachment

Android phones repartition increases data (for example a small chili m1)
1, chen365188 , mobine result of efforts to respect the outcome of the author’s work, please indicate, thank you!
2, I brush the official rom operation (in case the phone to be returned to the manufacturer,,,,)
3, if you do not identify the fdisk command, install busybox
4, after the partition format the built-in memory card (with 592zn the recovery has this feature), otherwise the phone can not mount built-sd, the computer can not read (to format data or restore the factory settings, reset the built-in memory card Recommended by 592 recovery)
5, save the brick Tutorial: find the altar, accessories have (pro-test available)
6, if the operation does not, the plug step by step , in the calculation of the partition size of the data to see description, peppers M1 can be directly used me, the result is data = 432M, data = 2.5G
7, bricked my phone once, so save the brick with the above tutorial wire brush once, if not the same as some of this may be because it (wire brush that comes with the official did not succeed, do not know if my computer problem, but official failure did not affect the phone wire brush).
8, modify the partition there is a risk, for attempting to peril ( no partition w ( write ) is not changed before, in case operational errors or uncertain, it is recommended ctrl + c to terminate heavy head come )
9, please read twice after hands, plus the familiar linux common commands,

What other questions, we can discuss Caesar, regardless 592zn or by heat, we have used a cell phone to be resource mutual ah! Also other phone, then the truth is almost everyone can refer to, suggest other phones can lower their first calculate the memory size of the partition and mobile software to see whether the same lest problems!

Thank downstairs Feedback! !

Finally: I read a lot of patience to finish these things write something more than the actual operation time sent, as reproduced please specify, please respect the labor of himself and mobine, thank you!


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