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LA-M1 MIUI V5 Modification by SkilledKiss

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 Modification by SkilledKiss

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/mod-SK/
GAppS = /himax/rom/miui/mod-SK/
Baseband 117 = /himax/rom/miui/mod-SK/
Old Setting = /himax/rom/miui/mod-SK/
Bookmark Backup = /himax/rom/miui/mod-SK/MIUI-SK-Bookmark-Backup.rar

Known bug:
? attribution can be directly used, but not set, the call for more settings FC (available in native dual-card setup settings in the set), although there are added Yellow Pages, but I will not be set, so you can not use (Khan ing) So, so you can delete it ……
? millet cloud services account to add more, just click useless, but can be used later boarded the number (in fact, this should not a bug, right?) Cloud sync requires a long time in the drop down bar opened for the first time will display FC , can be used directly without tube
???? If you think you can, then give me a praise line does not QQ944585279 ???? ???? ???? ????
Millet has been confirmed login account can cause wifi FC, please pay special attention, because the eyes package itself seems to be no reason for wifi sharing feature.
Solution: Click on the use of native WIFI settings, of course, if there will not be backed up using Google bug, but click WIFI sharing useless
0 there is a millet backup, there are some precautions
? no time centered setting (this seems not too bug, ah,?, which is not.)
Declare that my level is not high, if you do not like do not brush, bug fixes I can only slowly, after all, I’m not that kind of Jiangbei great God, then again, like the brush, do not like do not spray directly point to fork
Join link2sd can force the application to move to the sd card, you can install more app
If brushing boot black, please restart like button battery
Tangled for a long time finally chose Baidu input method, one-handed input to the force, the following specific use, but also comes with many nice skin Oh
???? ???? ???? ???? I write are very important thing, because if it did not see the emergence of various sorts blame me ???? ???? use & # 128074 ; ????
Recommended snacks saving, time can be seen in the notification bar battery temperature
As for the camera, it is recommended ProCapture, which is a 800W pixel camera can shoot
Note, do not add the default settings for the desktop, so you can not directly call the search key functionality (if you get off after adjusting the default is also OK)
ROM which is not integrated native settings, you need to download the address at the bottom (seemingly direct integration will lead to not set default Desktop
Sea engineering mode is not in the settings, you need to use the * # * # 2846579159 # * # * open (do not tell me you do not know how to use)
The kind of speed you want Jiangbei 11.5 settings shown in the developer
Brush risk …………

Note: The so-called native setting is system / app / settings_ex.apk (this is useful, remember)
Refresh rate of the screen relative power transferred to 30
Glasses package is large, streamlined for a long time it is so big, no way
???? Transplant Jiangbei MIUIsettings, you can set is higher (some can not be used, need to factory settings)
???? Perfect MIUIsystemUI, setting
???? Streamline useless app, adding some utility software
???? Plus dynamic wallpaper
???? Directly into the theme harmonious, easy viewing topics (with bug, not designed for prolonged use)
???? Do not use power-saving mode, Jiangbei, according to others the test is power, you can use the power saving mode Huawei tool (quite powerful) Close the keyboard lights and camera sounds, breathing light in the global search can search directly in
???? Modify some system icons look better
???? Although compass can not be used, but can be used to hold the force, do not like to delete the line
???? Millet voice assistant because it pits (do not know whether you have this feeling, millet voice assistant functions very poorly), so with a better Baidu voice assistant
???? Replacement lock screen background music, more beautiful
???? Join saving scripts, signal optimization, network speed optimization (tested, does have a role)
???? Closed boot animation, faster system startup (boot animation if you want to turn off the last one can build a 1 to 0)
Virtual keys can be set in the build of the first line is open 1 to 0
???? Below are available within the external SD card method to modify (this if you do not, then the setup packet into the brush settings are stored in the native changed inside)
???? M different keys and Jiangbei packages, and native search, as can be customized (must be set to modify the search key native functionality) via native setting can achieve the same search key Jiangbei package a variety of functions
For example, the search key lock screen, you need to download a one key lock screen app (only 10K size, do not provide, download it themselves) and then through a custom search button function selection on the line, other functions are also similar methods
???? Default desktop replacement
???? Do not know in the end is not the baseband changed to 117, go to the trouble can accurately brush once provided below 117 baseband
???? Integrate legacy 360, because floating window looks better looked after clicking
???? Increased RAM, the system run more smoothly, but it will increase the power consumption, but has little effect (like peppers locked Jiangbei say, do not know can not really open)
Other self ……
Estimated minimum modification package next to one week, just some bug fixes
Bag some bug eyes did not move, or the original bug, but can be modified by setting the inside, does not affect use
Own transplant some fun frog theme, looked pretty good to share
Several font share ~
117 baseband (thanks to 592 nights snow extraction) and internal external SD card modification method
Card swipe GoogleServes (I feel not many people use it is not integrated, the need to please download below)


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