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LA-M1 MIUI V5 Gamma 11.6

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 Gamma 11.6

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

[Modify staff]: Jiangbei
[Firmware version]: Android 4.1.2
[Date]: 2013.10.16
[Rom size]: 183MB

Set / dual card management, default card 1, card 2 phone or dial prompt
Set / dual card management, default card 1, card 2 SMS channel (Always ask invalid)
Set / double card management / call settings, you can set up a dual card when ringing tone and vibration
Set / notification bar settings, you can customize center operators and time

2013.10.17 update:
Fix Recommended SMS Theme Manager refresh fails fix invalid set the tone increased Settings / More Settings / Camera sounds (extracted from sword of God ROM)
Increased Settings / More Settings / System Update MIUI camera streamline update attribution to the database (October 6, 2013)
Adjust the settings / sound and vibration settings for the original MIUI
Dual SIM settings, and ringing tones to vibrate when you go to dual card setup / call settings be adjusted

Note: Provide repair patch download, valid only for version 11.5.

If you have questions or feedback please thread Q group: 51,190,751

2013.10.9 update:
Fix virus scan virus database update failed to modify the incoming interface MIUI style adjustment to adjust the length of the drop-down switch on the tray icon interface and some UI dislocation spacing adjustment desktop icon layout optimization run faster removal of Game Center, millet Games security update Baidu input method plugin

2013.9.25 update:
1, modify the name of the outgoing interface has a number of contacts displayed simultaneously
2, modify the incoming interface of MIUI style
3, remove the attribution Card Type
4, modify some transparency

2013.9.24 update:
1, is amended as MIUI call interface
2, modify the interface transparent to incoming calls
3, the replacement camera
4, increase the setting / power / mode of operation
5, increasing Settings / All Settings / SMS ringtones
6, update the language assistant

2013.8.18 update:
A repair notes long press FC (thank god sword)
2, increase the setting / button / Mi Jian settings (search key shortcut can be customized switches and application)
3, increase the setting / memory / external memory card switch (original desktop icons is easy to mistakenly touch) Click restart to take effect
4, increase the setting / power / energy consumption settings
5, the following two forced to close temporarily shield (FC) project
Shielding SMS Advanced Settings / Settings SMS center number
Shield Settings / Security and Privacy / Set up SIM card lock
6, remove the video
7, update game center
8, support init.d script extension (the first two versions already supported)

PATCH Battery (Optional) = /himax/rom/miui/

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