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LA-M1 MIUI V5 Bihai 3.12.06

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 Bihai 3.12.06

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

synchronization code to the latest update 3.12.6 MIUI
ROM based on the official website of the official bag of millet production, thanks to living on the northern, nori, Guangzhou, music, night snow, Twinkling Star was The second layer of skin, laughing and group life
faithful help to complete this package
ROM package instructions

using this ROM Please note the following
1. Two tone is muted by default card with dual card users, please set up a card two tones once, or else the card two silent calls
2. Swap with additional settings within the kernel needs to open, there is no, the proposed closure.
3. Brush on the desktop for the first time, please press “meun ? Settings ? Desktop wallpaper scrolling type” selected “centered” This interface will become smooth.
4. Turn into “Settings ? Additional settings” the “fast boot” and “interface acceleration” off, otherwise it will restart invalid and interface flashes.
5. Proposal “Developer Options ? Settings ? force GPU rendering” open, so the desktop will not card.
6. Screen appears as a rounded closed vertex
7. Friends of the machine as part of the Brush calls vibration, go ? Additional settings of the “fast boot” shut down, restart and then brush

update log:
Change Log:
[Recommended] this week
to re-create 30 sets of weather icons weather recompile the code, weather displays more humane, weather icon on the desktop with the MIUI weather update and change
different icons

Select Hang up the phone to call the repair concurrent message, click on the “write your own reply” will flash back problems
[lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
Added switch to connect computers to share the Internet through the “millet mobile assistant”
to repair the SIM card has been inserted phone, turn on flight mode and then shut down the status bar to prompt further problems without SIM card communications provider name

fix [red rice TD version / Huawei P1] can only see the problems of a SIM card

New added “my” new page “My Account”
to repair some cases, immediately after the purchase application theme problem led to flash back

[App Store]
button at the bottom to optimize application details page color

[Download Manager]
to optimize the biggest change of simultaneous downloads for the two
fixes when switching the system language, the Download Manager flash back problems

fix some cases, the recorder flash back problems

fix some cases, notes, pictures and horizontal shading do not Sarkozy’s problem

[voice assistant]
fixes several problems caused by the application of flash back

DLNA device discovery optimized to enhance the speed of
optimization in the “I shot the video” page, in reverse chronological order according to the shooting display
repair hidden video playback history the problem is still displayed
in some cases fix the edit mode, you can not select the first file folder problem
fixes can not see the big screen playing music source “Dinosaur Train” problems
can not fix a screenshot of the problem for some local video
Play historic preservation in some cases repair the wrong question
fixes some cases, full-screen video playback problems can not be
repaired under certain circumstances, the question still video player running in the background

============= [fix BUG History Section] =============
3.9.27 of the
1. The camera can not record has been repaired
2. Play Video Video Caton has been repaired
3. Baidu handwriting FC has been fixed
4. UI part of the dislocation
5. Huawei camera deleted, leaving only the MIUI camera
6. Increase MIUI video player
7. Under the Lunar and weather increases the lock screen display
8. Outgoing display repair only China,

the first of 3.10.11
1. Four key does not vibrate repaired
2. Notification bar “Do not disturb mode” long press will crash (the screen does not move) has been repaired
3. Notification bar “Network Type” click error occurs, flash back has been repaired
4. Beautification Desktop main screen calendar centered and weather icon display
5. Dual sim card settings and adjust the tone set two position
6. Repair flashlight icon display section

3.10.25 of
1. Caller vibration has been repaired
2. The external card replacement has been repaired and added an SD card switching software Jiangbei
3. SD card can not delete files in the file manager has been repaired
4. Interface acceleration has been repaired
5. Delete Huawei full backup
6. Update attribution to the database to October 7, 2013

Section 3.11.1 of
1. When prompted to install the software full repaired
2. Nora flash back has been repaired
3. Sometimes the external card is not properly repaired replacement

section 3.11.15 of
1. WIFI hotspot has been repaired
2. Revising Desktop Lunar and weather display, making it more beautiful and

Section 3.11.22 of
1. Camera (first position) on the correction table, radio (Gadgets folder) icon display position
2. New Settings -> Sound and vibration -> “Camera Sound Mute increased camera settings
3. corrected dual card setup and sound and vibration in English language and Simplified and Traditional Chinese
4. amendments to other settings icon icon does not bounce on the first

3.11.29 After
1 full power restoration bright blue LED Lights
2. repair small window full-screen video playback FC
3. BOOT added support for init.d
4. added init.d, super script, boot automatically optimize the database.
5 reconfigure gps, search positioning second speed.
6. join Sony Bravia Engine display the video image optimization
7 update attribution to the database to November 13, 2013

Section 3.12.6 of updates and fixes in this release
============= [BUG] =============
1. BOOT kernel update
2 fixes some problems desktop clock weather icons weather can not display
3 re-adjust the display position of desktop icons
4. increase in night mode (Settings >> Display >> night mode)
5 External SD card within the adjustment to the conversion settings (Settings >> Storage >> switch inside the external memory card)
6. remake 30 sets weather icon, weather recompile the code, weather displays weather icons on the more humane, the desktop with MIUI weather update and change different icons
7 Delete the previous version of the file: Configuration gps and Sony Bravia Engine Optimization display video images (not obvious)

============== [known BUG] =============
1. silent radio with headphones, speaker normal

============= [Download] =============
This ROM does not contain any promotional stickers software, make sure that in my Baidu network disk download, the only account: sanraobh, other Web site to download and I have nothing to do, Weibo author: / sanrao the ROM bottomless bag limit, any version can brush into the bottom of the package, first be sure to clear the brush into the user data manipulation! avoid problems!


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