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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.11.22 & Dual Card Edition

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.11.22:
ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.11.22 – Official Dual Card Edition:
ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

Update code to the latest 3.11.22 MIUI
ROM based on the official website of the official bag of millet production, thanks to the Jiangbei, nori, Guangzhou live music on the night of snow, Twinkling Star once, and the second layer of skin, laughing group of friends for life and help to complete this package
ROM package instructions

using this ROM, please note the following
1. Two tone is muted by default card with dual card users, please set up a card two tones once, or else the card two silent calls

Change Log:
[Recommended] this week,
three new camera phones under millet simple mode Intelligent Scene Recognition
to increase download new application details page control functions
within the new support for video playback DLNA devices on the LAN
support the use of new themes redemption code conversion

[ System]
to optimize scanning efficiency, improve some hidden SSID routing connectivity
software fix security Bunny shows battery status error problem
fix fast typing keyboard sounds keep up
the sound meter in some cases repair failure problem

optimized to improve query speed strange number to call when
optimizing receive arrears operators to send text messages to remind prepaid
courier repair delete confirmation prompt will pop up when the query record
[lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
Added “screenshot success without notice “option
added to remove the last after a notification, the notification bar is automatically retracted
new phone through the “millet mobile assistant” computers to share the Internet connection
optimize status bar charging and low battery power status display
optimize the display name of the application by Millet push notifications
When optimizing no SIM card, open the Network Assistant does not support the
repair fails to resolve the notification, the notification bar flash back problems
repair unlock rang twice problem

add bulk delete icon (Edit Mode – Batch selected icon – two fingers kneading – Long press Delete)
when space is available to add the current screen, press the mobile gadgets or icons that can crowd out other gadgets and icons

Added support for using the redemption code for the theme
on the comments list page optimization plan in effect
optimization support replacement system font
fixes some cases, the application icon themes problem has not been completely replaced
update fixes topics, first entered the local theme details page, the log does not show the update problem
fix theme preview slide to the last one, the picture beating question

under new millet phone 3 Simple Mode Intelligent Scene Recognition
optimized flash pre-flash to reduce the waiting time
can not be paddling into the gallery when repairing video problem
fix white balance color temperature measurement mode and automatic mode inconsistencies
Music To
repair a Under some circumstances, the notification bar or desktop music controls flash back into the music from the problem of
repairing some cases, the songs downloaded, the download icon unchanged ash problem

[App Store]
application details page increased download new control functions

[ Download Management]
Added new Download Manager Settings button
optimization status bar “Download Manager” icon style
fix some cases, the download manager crash
repair in edit mode, exit and re-enter after the download manager, calculate the number of selected wrong question

Added support for video playback within DLNA devices on the LAN
fix the problem in some cases flash back into the video detail page when
repair some cases into the search page when flash back problems
in some cases repair Home After loading still shows “Home unavailable” issue
fix can not be saved, “recently played” problem records under certain circumstances

[payment / recharge]
recharge the query optimization process, if there is a network error, automatic retry query
optimization fiscal update pay through secure payment plugin
fixes in gift certificates gesture interface can not display the password lock screen problem

[Game Center]
fix some cases the problem of thematic content is empty
fix the problem the game details page screenshot shows abnormal

========= BUG repair history ================
Article 3.9.27 of
1. The camera can not record has been repaired
2. Play Video Video Caton has been repaired
3. Baidu handwriting FC have been fixed
4. UI part of the dislocation
5. Huawei camera deleted, leaving only the MIUI camera
6. Increase MIUI video player
7. Under the Lunar and weather increases the lock screen display
8. Outgoing display repair only China,

the first of 3.10.11
1. Four key does not vibrate repaired
2. Notification bar “Do not disturb mode” long press will crash (the screen does not move) has been repaired
3. Notification bar “Network Type” click error occurs, flash back has been repaired
4. Beautification Desktop main screen calendar centered and weather icon display
5. Dual sim card settings and adjust the tone set two position
6. Repair flashlight icon display

section 3.10.25 of
1. Caller vibration has been repaired
2. The external card replacement has been repaired and added an SD card switching software Jiangbei
3. SD card can not delete files in the file manager has been repaired
4. Interface acceleration has been repaired
5. Delete Huawei full backup
6. Update attribution to the database to October 7, 2013

Section 3.11.1 of
1. When prompted to install the software full repaired
2. Nora flash back has been repaired
3. Sometimes the external card is not properly repaired replacement

section 3.11.15 of
1. WIFI hotspot has been repaired
2. Revising Desktop Lunar and weather display, making it more beautiful and
Section 3.11.22 of

============= This release updates and fixes [BUG] ============ =
1. Camera (first position) on the correction table, radio (Gadgets folder) icon display position
2. New Settings -> Sound and vibration -> “Camera Sound Mute camera settings to increase
3 correction dual card set and sound and vibration in English language and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
4 amendments to other settings icon icon does not bounce.

============= [Download] =============
The paste does not contain any promotional ROM software, other network disk download are nothing to do with himself.

the ROM bottomless bag limit, any version can brush into the bottom of the package, first be sure to clear the brush into the user data manipulation! avoid problems!


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