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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.11.1

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.11.1

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

Update code to the latest 3.11.1 MIUI
ROM based on the official website of the official bag of millet production, thanks to the Jiangbei, nori, Guangzhou, living on music, night snow, Twinkling Star once, a second layer of skin, and a group of friends laugh at life can help complete this
ROM package instructions
use this ROM, please note the following
1. Card two tones are muted by default, users with dual card, set a card two ring once, or else the card two calls silent

Change Log:
[Recommended] this week
New browser add “light applications”
new telephone support automatic recording of the “unknown number” and “yellow number” set separately
for the Beijing new mobile subscribers added in the Yellow Pages telephone traffic Quick purchase entrance
Repair Repair touch insensitivity problem

Repair Replacement different countries / regions SIM card may cause the system to change the language problem
fix repair status bar at the top of the water ripples screen flicker problem
Repair Repair 4X MSAA open part of the game flash back problem

Added support for automatic recording of the “unknown number” and “yellow number” set separately
for the Beijing new mobile subscribers added in the Yellow Pages telephone traffic Quick purchase entrance
repair call Blank screen buttons below the screen lights will Off
repair some cases, automatic recording will automatically open problem

Fix some cases, change text font problem

Fix application icon icon does not force the issue partial
restoration comment and share details page click on the button trigger Other operational issues

optimized to take pictures, finger off the camera button to cancel the shoot
optimize the volume keys to zoom pictures from the default
optimization to improve the indoor camera jitter problems easily
optimize optimize low noise level Gamma
Optimization modify the maximum ISO value is 1600
fix camera Scanning Electron card can not properly resolve the issue
fix access to certain two-dimensional code URL, forced out of the question
fixes some cases, delete the last photo album camera does not return the camera interface problems
repair activity bar does not display problem
Fix access to some two-dimensional code URLs forced out of the question
repair manual focus flash turned on, the camera preview blackened problems
Repair Repair video preview shake off the problem of deformation
Repair Repair Manual focus and flash photo preview to open the case of a black screen problem

[ Settings]
Bluetooth interface design optimization
optimize the display of multiple accounts

[Download Manager]
to download new data traffic using “no limit” option
New Light Application Center, you can add light applied to the system desktop

Repair Bluetooth transmission, such as the file name is too long may show unusual problems

[Payment / recharge]
Add meter currency Center gesture password
new meters credits Centre new notification system
optimization English state, the time display format
[millet account ]
fix mail registration After successful notification bar still prompt “millet account being activated in …” problem

[cloud services]
cloud backup repair applications, non-native name for the backup error problem

============ = [] ============= fix BUG History
Section 3.9.27 of the
————————- —————–
1. The camera does not record has been fixed
2. Play Video Video Caton has been repaired
3. Baidu handwriting FC have been fixed
4. UI part of the dislocation
5. Remove Huawei camera, leaving only the MIUI camera
6. Increase MIUI video player
7. Increase the lock screen under the Lunar and weather display
8. Fix outgoing Show only China,

the first phase 3.10.11
————————————- —–
1. Four key does not vibrate been fixed
2. Notification bar “disturbance model” long press will crash (the screen does not move) has been fixed
3. Notification bar “Network Type” click error occurs, flash back has been repaired
four. Beautification Desktop main screen calendar centered and weather icon display
5. Adjust Dual SIM card two tone settings and set the position
6. Fix the flashlight icon to display

the first 3.10.25 Period
—————————————– –
1. Call vibration has been fixed
2. Replacement has been fixed within the external card and add Jiangbei SD card switching software
3. File Manager can not delete the files under SD card has been fixed
4. Interface speed has been fixed
5. Remove Huawei full backup
6. Update attribution to the database to October 7, 2013

edition updates and fixes ============= [BUG] =============
1. Full software installation prompts repaired
2. Nora flash back repaired
3. Within the external card is not properly repaired replacement sometimes

known ============== [BUG] =============
1. WIFI hotspot can not start

============= [Download] =============
This paste ROM does not contain any promotional software, make sure that the I Baidu net disk download, currently the only account: sanraobh, other Web site to download and I mean nothing to
the ROM bottomless bag limit, any package versions can brush into the bottom, for the first time be sure to clear the brush into the user data manipulation! Avoid problems!


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