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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.10.28

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.10.28

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

Update Log:
[Recommended] this week
New “themed” Client new revision
optimize intelligent IP dialing support international calls in the domestic
application of new cloud backup

Added support for USB mouse button to return to the desktop, menu key function
restoration lost touch points to improve typing problem
fixes to improve the state of non-handheld touchscreen sensitivity
fix solution glove touch the bottom of the insensitive mode problem
saving mode performance optimization fix
fix fix micro broad picture can not be displayed

optimize intelligent IP dialing support for international calls in the domestic
repair “disturbance” mode, VoIP calls are still ringing problem

New Growth Press the call log details page, you can add / edit call notes
will repair unfamiliar number “Add to Contacts “When a search list page displays unusual problems
Fix some cases when synchronizing contact ** Avatar smaller problem
fix some support email information stored on the SIM card, you can not create a new email address and no phone number only contact problem
fixes will be unfamiliar number “Add to Contacts” when searching, in some cases list page displays not correct the problem
does not fix the issue import SIM card contacts
under certain circumstances repair network messages automatically shut problem

Add “themed” Client new facelift

[Music To]
fix set the sleep mode, the progress bar above unaligned pointer problem
fix m linking music to refresh the list of devices too frequent problem
repair playlist of songs playback status icons do not refresh problem
fixes Traditional mode, online search for the English word shown in the box problem
repair online songs added to a list of repeat silent question

optimize recovery backup, check the adequacy of the SD card space

[ Browser]
Optimize network connection error page

Fix week view and day view of the problem can not be scaled

[network assistant][
Brush repair new users, “in the status bar shows the current flow” function and switching state inconsistencies
fix some machines Type in some cases, Network Assistant crashes

fix sticky notes reminder time is set, the input method does not hide the problems

Fix play machine manual back button styles wrong question

fix cleanup cache operation flash back problems

[Payment / recharge]
optimization “m credits centric” Home style interface
optimized interface style popups to pay
repair certain circumstances, result in failure to obtain account information “m credits centers” without responding

[fast pass ]
added new “File Transfer”
to transfer files optimize processes, improve stability

[cloud services]
new application cloud backup


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