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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.02.14

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.02.14

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Future updates will be modified to the announcement released Tuesday afternoon, Frog fans can learn earlier this week to update the contents of the last wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day Lantern double!
Next week we will publish the glory of the first third-party adapter 3C Mobile Rom, we stay tuned!

Support models
OPPO: N1 OPPO Mobile
ZTE: V987 \ V967S \ v. 970 \ V889S \ N909 \ V889D
Huawei: C8813 \ C8813Q \ C8813D \ C8812
Legend: S920 \ P770 \ S890 \ A789 \ P700 \ A750
Amoi: N828 \ big V \ big V progress version
Good domain : G4 \ G3 \ G2 \ G2S \ G2 dual-core
TCL : TCL S950 \ S950T \ N3 Unicom version
Millet : red rice phone \ millet 1 \ millet 1S
Other models : Zhuopu C2 \ Amagatarai U86 \ peppers M1 \ Cool 5890 \ Galaxy Nexus

OS5 week recommended:
This update is mainly to improve the stability of the music player and the main version
Music Player:
Turn on USB storage mode when playing music will now fix the music FC
Repair into play interface slower (there may be white transition page 2 seconds)
Too smooth slide repair
Repair English, Traditional String incomplete
Repair the file manager and download manager can not play music files directly
Music sporadic repair FC

Users concerned about the problem:
Fix some software can not obtain root privileges
Repair [ red rice ] traffic monitoring part of the application can not prohibit the use of traffic
Repair garbage disposal exception error

Full model more variable:
[Security Center]
Repair even now refuse removal FC
Prohibit the use of self-repair management software from start to start, restart the phone after being banned from the software then automatically restored Kai
Repair [S950T] aerial view screen, click Health Scan, stuck in scan

[Security] interception
Repair [6577 OS5] security interceptor interface, black and white lists and interception record label Page button deformation

[Version upgrade]
Optimize from SD card installed, select the corresponding models of non-Brush Pack, increasing relevant tips

Variety [subject]
New lock screen wallpaper prefabricated red and green lotus diagram each one, the red is the default lock screen wallpaper

[Common Controls]
New common phrases to optimize bottom of the screen controls
Repair contacts and traffic monitoring, click on any of the drop-down controls, after returning control to display a right angle

[Problem] models
Repair [nexus] clock interface, controls sinking

If the surname optimization Surnames panel display less than 8 rows (less than 8 lines), then the actual number of rows display panel height

[Traffic monitoring]
Repair [red rice] 2G/3G not prohibit application of the Internet

Optimize system version number display (adding music frog version identifier “OS5.1”)
Repair [ G4 ] no fillet switch
After the repair [V889D] SIM card PIN code is set to restart the phone, the phone infinite reboot

[Lock Screen]
Turn off the alarm when optimizing response or delayed alarm clock, the phone automatically goes into lock screen (By one person)

Even now only repair shutdown alarm beep
Repair [6577 OS5] digital clock interface is displayed at the top is cut off

[File Manager]
Image classification fix file manager screened image size function failure

[Small applications]
Add the first time into the radio to automatically search for available channels and the background added to the playlist

Repair phone has not read multi-page MMS (eg early evening news), press and hold the lock screen information icon fell inaccessible information interface, flashed back to the desktop after

When repair [6577 OS5] phone battery is below 10%, the keyboard lights long bright

[Music player]
Optimization of the right to expand the list of songs slip away
Repair download the song currently playing online FC
Repair even now delete the music being played FC
Recovery from the music player interface into the play list selection screen, click on the back button does not return from music player
Fix the music player after a period of time becomes very card
When repair phone no music files, opening all local music, open bar and click on the space below list, music player FC
Repair music catalog filter interface does not display the folder name
Repair song library has songs for the first time into the music player and click the play button, click invalid
After the repair play music, open USB storage music FC
Repair playlist play a song, it says “download lyrics set in the off state,” the actual download lyrics feature open
Click to download repair playlist interface is invalid
Repair song editing interface can click on the right icon selected, click the range is too small
After the repair editing interface multiple-choice song song click Delete invalid
Other applications can not call the repair music players (such as ringtones settings and file manager to open the music files)
Mobile phone repair used without stored in the SD card is not inserted to open the case of music, will present music FC
Repair English, Traditional String incomplete

[Status Bar]
Repair [720P] status bar icon spotty (rob you eat bread feedback)

Repair [6577 OS5] into desktop applications hide the editing interface, the Cancel button is inconsistent with the completion of the button size


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