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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.01.17

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.01.17

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

The perfect version of the adapter models are as follows:
ZTE: V967s / V987 / v. 970 / V889S / N909
Lenovo: S920 / S890 / P770
TCL: S950 / S950T / N3
good domain: G4 / G3 / G2 / G2S / G2 dual-core version of the
summer New: N820 / N821 / N828
Huawei: C8813 / C8813Q / C8813D
Other: Zhuopu C2 / day language U86 / peppers M1 / red m / m 1 / Samsung Galaxy Nexus / Cool 5890 / OPPO N1

More attention: Mengchuo: Portal [ new models planned adaptation ]

Note: Cross-platform support functions briefing:
MTK6577 platform does not support: Camera, Gallery, Radio (subsequent updates)
does not support the Qualcomm platform: small application (tape recorders, radios), clock, camera, gallery (subsequent updates)

Upgrade Considerations:
The perfect version of the relatively large due to software changes, please note the following two issues frog fans in the process of Brush:
1 The perfect version does not support OTA upgrade, the official release will directly download the full package Rom
2 The perfect version of the proposal after double clear brush into a complete package. If you do not double clear brush directly into the whole package error, please try again later double clear brush into the whole package

Highlights recommend:
Carefully crafted tool applications (flashlight, compass, calculator, tape recorders, radios)
Exquisite unified clock (world clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, new lock screen clock)
Dynamic fan camera (slide switch shooting mode, slide to adjust the focus, the fan quickly preview)
Full of memories of the album (time streaming mode, the map mode, open the door of interwoven memories of time and space)
The new theme engine that supports global themes for you to create a truly personalized private custom
Safety intimate hidden application , desktop, organize, privacy protection, do both
Emotional weather , new design, give you a bit of care, day after day
Perfect support for virtual keys (custom virtual buttons, hidden, one-handed mode)
Brand new app store , perfect adaptation OS5 overall style, layout style richer
The new interface, music player will be officially released on the 24th
Traffic monitoring , perfectly adapted to the overall style OS5
Security Center , the overall style perfectly adapted to OS5
Power management , the overall style perfectly adapted to OS5
File Manager , the overall style perfectly adapted to OS5
Version upgrade , the overall style of the perfect adaptation OS5

Users concerned about the problem:
Added automatic brightness can be adjusted
New software can be run in full-screen pull-down status bar
New P770 supports OTG
Optimization update V987 bottom package
4.1 Call records missing optimization problem models
Optimize common controls perfectly rounded display
Optimization group function interface optimization
4.1 Aircraft repair video call settings error
Close to repair the desktop status bar full transparency, the desktop status bar remains transparent state
Multi-tone initials fix incorrect

[MTK6577 platform models]
ZTE: v. 970 / V889S
Legend: S890 / P770
Good domain: G3 / G2 / G2S / G2 dual-core version
Amoi: N820 / N821

[models] Qualcomm platform
ZTE: N909
Huawei: C8813 / C8813D / C8813Q
Other: Amagatarai U86 / peppers M1 / m 1 / Samsung Galaxy Nexus / Cool 5890 / OPPO N1

Full model update
[Center] installation
repair [S950T] boot immediately point the health scan Aerial interface will appear Security Center FC
fixes [6577 OS5] security center set up after Taobao ban from the start, then, to see it become a self-starting (By the tenth person ) [security] interception repair [6577 OS5] Book number can not be added to the blacklist can not update fixes intelligence intercept Library [6577 OS5] security interceptor settings (By ___ silently contingent) repair [6577 OS5] ? Settings ? Security interceptor to intercept Rules, select any one after FC, prompted FC (By cub 1980) fix [6577 OS5] security interceptor ? black list ? menu ? Add blacklist, enter the number saved, the security interceptor FC fixes [6577 OS5] security interceptor Open the interception beep strange numbers, strange calls ring out not to intercept (By Gentleman) [Antivirus] fix virus protection, delete the log killing effect is not checked checked upgraded version? ? into the brush when the new low-power mode to increase Users remind repair not detected entering the upgrade version to version, “share” button to display became “Refresh” Variety [subject] fix click a button to change wallpaper, will be flashed FC interface controls [public] fix various fillet Show a pointed question to repair [OPPO N1] Select multiple choice interface feature is not available on model adaptation problems] Add P770 supports OTG function optimization updating V987 bottom package to optimize the operation of Kai intelligent answer misconnection repair [OPPO N1] Security Settings , set the PIN code lock screen, the input box is white, white character input is also not easy to see the restoration [OPPO N1] digital power display, the battery icon in the upper right figure is slightly biased repair [OPPO N1] conference call management interface fonts and background are similar, is not easy to see the restoration [OPPO N1] file manager and gallery in the Select Features page and the other pages are inconsistent Select and Select All functions are unavailable repair [peppers M1] open anti- inadvertently, the caller does not automatically cancel the anti inadvertently repair [red rice] have unread messages, the lock screen does not light breathing repair open USB storage, then turn off USB storage, built-in SD card is not recognized [Contact] fixes English language, when you exit the contact changes, pop-up box “give” should be changed to “give” fix [patch] [Qualcomm] contact group details interface controls update fixes [patch] contact details, click E-mail address no response, should jump to the mailbox interface traffic monitoring? ? repair [OPPO N1] flash back or open flow monitoring report FC repair [Qualcomm] prohibiting traffic monitoring application WIFI network after being banned WIFI Internet applications can still fix the English language , a SIM card traffic monitoring interface name untranslated repair traffic monitoring whether the balance sheet date to set a few numbers will be cleared in the 1st repair [4.1] flow calibration, set the digital subscription packages can not enter interface traffic monitoring repair set “residual monthly traffic insufficient reminder “when Select text input box and cut off, then click the OK button will now flow monitoring FC repair flow sheet date set May 13, when a month on the 1st, there will be traffic exceeds the upper limit of the prompt month (small explicit feedback) [set] repair [6577 OS5] can be opened and closed flashlights operate the lock screen, buttons long bright light (charging for some time, the button lights long bright) night mode restart or repair drove off / on, Night mode can not be closed to repair [4.2] Press Return key to end the program is just the end of the current page, not the entire program to repair [6577 OS5] dual card set different ring tones for, but calls are ringing card 1 [call] repair [ 4.1] call records even now disappearing fix [6577 OS5] video call settings at any point where a, FC (By renal fruit 303) repair [m 1] Call settings, click voicemail FC fixes [patch] make IP phone, does not automatically add IP prefix calls just started to repair the phone application, text reading interface (such as a browser) click on a phone number to jump to the dial pad, numbers do not show repair [6577 OS5] After setting wizard in traffic packages , look into the traffic monitoring applications, the package is still not set repair dual card set ringtones for songs on the SD card, then reboot to restore to the default ringtone [information] repair [m 1] bulk SMS, the phone will pop up asking to send a lot of messages prompt repair [4.1] The phone can not receive MMS repair Details, Menu key to delete the message, long press to delete the interface with the system by the effect of the effect of inconsistency repair information display an unread SMS application on the desktop labeled corner, but there are no actual message list unread messages [System] fix unmount the SD card on the application, the phone automatically restart [Status Bar] repair [Qualcomm OS5] pull-down status bar points shutdown pop-up box with black background image restoration [Qualcomm OS5] notification bar settings close “Desktop state Bar transparent, “return to the desktop status bar or transparent (By also busier than Du) repair [Qualcomm OS5] long press notification in the status bar, the pop-up box has a black pea pod repair install applications when connected, often the status bar black encryption when repairing mobile phones, the status bar white repair scan, optimize the results page off the screen light up the screen again, the status bar changes to white [Desktop] restored built-APP updates, no “gadgets” folder on the desktop repair Aerial interface lock the application into the bird’s eye again after exiting, the application displays unlocked repair download the application “female” theme, the starter has been reported that FC repair the desktop folder named after the desktop appears FC repair pattern lock screen wallpaper is always black, Can not set the other (By asdayi) repair any page from your desktop into the bird’s eye view interface is shown after returning home (wapjw feedback) repair [Nexus] desktop icons 4.0 style


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