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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.01.03

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 14.01.03

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Support models
OPPO: N1 OPPO Mobile
ZTE: V987 \ V967S \ v. 970 \ V889S \ N909 \ V889D
Huawei: C8813 \ C8813Q \ C8813D \ C8812
Legend: S920 \ P770 \ S890 \ A789 \ P700 \ A750
Amoi: N828 \ big V \ big V progress version
Good domain : G4 \ G3 \ G2 \ G2S \ G2 dual-core
TCL : TCL S950 \ S950T
Millet : red rice phone \ millet 1 \ millet 1S
Other models : Zhuopu C2 \ Amagatarai U86 \ peppers M1 \ Cool 5890 \ Galaxy Nexus

OS5 week recommended:
Gorgeous gears effect turns out!
– The upgraded version of the update application configuration interface optimization
New Adapter star models TCL_S950T (TD version)
OS5 user attention:
After the repair replacement theme, some icons become Le Frog OS 4.0 icons
Repair invalid keyboard lights off
Some repair MMS Details screen can not display the page content
Press and hold the icon onto the quick fix another icon after unloading, hold down the icon hidden (By wapjw)
Repair [TCL S950] can not use wifi hotspots
Repair [ millet 1 \ millet 1S] download management interface without bulk delete the Select All button
Optimization [millet 1 \ millet 1S] text input to modify the content area to slide up and down (By that touch relations feedback)
Optimization of pure digital messaging, long press to copy, forward (By Tiger.)

Full restoration models:
[Version upgrade]
Optimized version of the list click directly from the SD card installation interface to select the Brush Pack

Bank of China used to repair “zhongguoyinhang” Search found not only with “zhongguoyinxing” to search (By Vizr)

Repair invalid keyboard lights off, close the keyboard lights still lit

After closing the smart repair avatar avatar dial any number is not set, the call interface or display Intelligent Picture (By webhao)

After repair change the theme, select a picture gallery is set to wallpaper, wallpaper icon is still the default icon theme
Chinese under repair, rotate the picture after picture pruning click Back, Next, prompted in English

[File Manager]
Optimizing music classification sync speed
Repair the file manager into a batch interface, uncheck the option, should not automatically exit the batch interface
Repair into the file manager, press the Select button click any file right corner, and then click on any selected file unchecked, the Select All button status has not changed
Repair folder to cut its subfolders when prompted paste pasted, you should not do this
STORM repair installation, scanning local video, then go to the File Manager to view the video category, there will be a folder, click on the title above all unlimited video display

Repair nighttime mode, complete recovery after instant messaging, prompt does not mask the next night mode

? ?Small applications
Adding more than one page clock repair, sliding between the clock and the alarm switch very card

MMS report details screen repair, sliding up and down a few pages can not be displayed
SMS pure digital restoration can not be “long press” operation (By Tiger.)
Fix [QHD] message pop narrows
Fix boot after the first run SMS or text messages cleanup daemon running, there will be a notification class SMS text message notifications simultaneously with the problems (By Vizr)

[Status Bar]
Optimization [720P] status bar battery icon size

No matter what the theme fix exchange, contacts, gallery, clock or OS4.0 style
When repair uninstall the software, press and hold the icon of another application quickly pulled the trash icon to uninstall, hold down the cause of the icons are hidden (By wapjw)

[Problem] models
Repair [OPPO N1] lock screen long press the Home key to open flashlight, flashlight did not enter the interface
Repair [OPPO N1] pattern lock screen, the status bar is not lit screen mask
Repair [OPPO N1] Call settings and sound and vibration settings have a “touch dialpad sound” item, set the item to repeat
Repair [OPPO N1] slide to unlock the lock screen, you need to slide several times, and more Caton
Repair [OPPO N1] Share Share visible contacts not OS5 style icons
Repair [OPPO N1] using the pattern to unlock the lock screen to unlock the screen does not display the time and date
Repair [OPPO N1] Essay remember encrypted folder can be deleted directly
Repair [OPPO N1] section of the application interface is not OS5 Select style
Repair [OPPO N1] any system prompt partial gray background color, and the bomb box format is not unified with OS5
Repair [OPPO N1] restart the phone, reported traffic monitoring FC
Repair time [OPPO N1] file manager to share files, choose to share applications, not OS5 style icons
Repair [OPPO N1] PIN code lock screen and lock screen pattern on the side too
Repair [OPPO N1] status bar notification font color should be black
Repair [OPPO N1] open anti inadvertently repeated block proximity sensor during a call, the interface will call interface anti inadvertently blocked
Repair [ peppers M1 ] open anti inadvertently, calls are not automatically canceled after anti inadvertently
Repair [S950] can not use wifi hotspots
Optimization [ millet 1 / millet 1S ] text input content area can slide up and down look (By that touch of relations)
Repair [millet 1 / millet 1S] can not intercept SMS blacklist
Repair [ millet 1 / millet 1S ] download management interface does not use bulk delete OS5 style, click the Select All button is ineffective

[Repair] platform
Repair [6577 OS5] repeat press the power button, display multiple shutdown prompt window
Repair [6577 OS5] Bluetooth can not send lwt theme file
Repair [6577 OS5] set a contact picture by picture mode, picture is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise
Repair [6577 OS5] traffic monitoring FC (By hao130521)
Repair [6577 OS5] finished in double card wizard in traffic packages set, look into the traffic monitoring applications, the package is still not set
Repair [6577 OS5] forwarded a long text message to other people, can not slide up and down and then modify the message forwarding (By cruyff)


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