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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.12.27

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.12.27

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

OS5 week recommended:
Add desktop icon layout 5 * 5, tolerance is a virtue, let your light blind eye 1080P phone
New desktop gadget the size of a variable, so your desktop layout arbitrary
New 4.1 models support video calls, chat with friends and family can finally face to face friends
Added [6589 platform] key settings, keyboard light, wake-up volume key, back key to close the program, super convenient Fun Mobile
Optimization add a gadget interface plug-sorting adjust instantly find useful plugin

OS5 user attention:
Repair alarm clock and stopwatch switched with each other significantly Caton (By small display)
Repair abnormal status bar black, white
Repair [ millet a library error (By that touch of relations) after / millet 1S] Edit pictures using face glow
Repair [ V987 / V967S ] breathing light color is not the same with the official default (By ljp5252)
Repair [Qualcomm 4.1] STORM unable to watch full-screen video
Repair [Qualcomm 4.1] contacts delete duplicate UIM card after restart

What? You said this week’s update a little less? Alright. We are in Charge stage, soon after, Le Frog will have a New Year gift to give you frog fan. Stay tuned for

the full model update:
[Security Center]
Unmasked when repairing a key optimization since the start of user settings

[Security] interception
Repair unknown number, should not support the functions added to the blacklist

[Version upgrade]
Optimized version upgrade update instructions layout

Variety [subject]
Even now fix the problem FC
After the repair part of the theme or font scan two-dimensional code, can not download

[Common Controls]
Repair any search box and click on the right side of the input character X icon to delete a character, click on the highlighted effect beyond the borders
Details repair theme selection interface module, common controls need to replace 5.0 style (By Vizr)

[Lock Screen]
Repair lock screen can not display 24-hour time

Repair alarm clock and stopwatch switched with each other significantly Caton (By small display)
After repairing the alarm interface to add full-page alarm clock, an alarm clock, a majority of the bottom is a button to add the alarm block
Add one or more clock repair, the list can not slide
Chinese under repair, rotate the picture after picture pruning step click on the Next button, pop-up prompts in English

[File Manager]
In the third-party repair some APK file manager will become an icon Andrews robot (By the windward other leaves)

? ?Small applications
After a long list of file repair by recording, click Cancel, the interface overlap

Traditional lamp features optimized breathing and English translation
The end of the text display fix global “mouth” word problems

[Status Bar]
Repair the lock screen clock rings, the status bar displays unexpected speed

Optimization of a key change wallpaper icon
Repair status bar and lock screen time mismatch
Repair desktops and lock screen time mismatch
Repair add widgets list interface, sliding up and down sometimes Caton, flash back

[Repair] models
Repair [ G4 ] breathing light can not change the color of the notification
Repair [pacth] music player, the cover can not be set when you add a playlist
Repair [V987/V967S] green light breathing unavailable (ljp5252 feedback)
Repair [OPPO N1] keyboard lights off invalid
Repair [OPPO N1] desktop icon and the icon does not match traffic ranking repair
Repair [m 1] edit pictures point facial glow, the gallery FC (By that touch of relations)

[Repair] platform
Repair [Qualcomm OS5] UIM card deleted contacts, contacts reappeared after reboot
Repair [Qualcomm OS5] using mobile data, mobile data upload / download icons are not displayed on the Twin Towers
Repair [Qualcomm OS5] in any application interface lock screen, status bar after unlocking white
Repair [Qualcomm 4.1] STORM FC full-screen viewing
Repair [Qualcomm OS5] after changing themes, camera and photo album are native icon icon


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