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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.12.20

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.12.20

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

OS5 week recommended:
Add a new adaptation models OPPO N1
Le Frog joint Brush Elf starting Download: I jump
New breathing light setting function
[6589 platform] New fingertip search
Optimize the use of the excessive traffic flow monitoring icon is displayed in red
Recommended optimize hidden by default when the information more information

OS5 user attention:
Repair browser can not use European friends
Repair Information popup screen displays insufficiency (By One leaf Zhiqiu)
Repair the lock screen lock screen and non-state time display is not the same (By likaiyi)
Restoration notification class information directly back to the main interface (By Doth) and click return
Unable to download application after the repair pea pod pea pod dimensional code scanning (By Vizr)
Under the state of the weather seal repair horizontal screen orientation error
Quick fixes SMS send button beyond the window borders (By Blue Feather ™)
Repairing repeated press the power button, display multiple shutdown prompt window
Restore the default state of repair camera front camera, the rear camera pixels into 200W
Auto repair shortcut bar, click the Rotate button switch, abnormal withdraw the notification bar
[ millet 1 \ millet 1S] fix Aerial save time and fixed display interface 00:00 (By luobiao)
[6577 platform] replaces the common controls to optimize the mobile network settings interface (By Hello A la card)
Full model update:
Repair Information popup screen displays insufficiency (By One leaf Zhiqiu)
Restoration notification class Details screen, click the Back key should return a list of notification types of information (By Doth)
Send instant messages to repair button box beyond borders (By Blue Feather)
Add Attachment button fix SMS slightly larger (QHD models)
Repair call log interface, sporadic disorder Yellow Pages Information Display
Repair QQ contacts can not call
Export to repair SIM card, check the search to contacts, export keys (grayed out) does not work properly
When repairing dual card, click on the desktop “direct dial” widget “+” sign to display a pop-up box garbled
When repairing a single card, add a direct dial desktop widgets, click to dial outgoing calls should be directed to
When repairing a single card, add a direct dial widgets, insert dual card, election card should ask bomb box
Repair group batch interface, uncheck any items, just click the Delete button, there is no corresponding prompt

Open the folder to repair an application, after a period of time to exit the application, the desktop folder is open there is no recovery
12-hour repair time is at 0:00, the lock screen, the status bar will display as “12:00”, and lock screen display “0:00” (By likaiyi)
Click a button to change wallpaper restoration would have been in sporadic Loading

[Common Controls]
After optimization of the two-dimensional code scanner scans the title is not centered interface
Optimize security interceptor to intercept the information in the title centered interface details
Optimization of WLAN and Bluetooth main interface centered title
Repair enter the recording, press the recording file, delete a style icon does not replace 0S5 (6577 models)
Repair mobile network settings button control interface does not replace OS5 style (6577 models, By Hello A la card)
Repair using a two-dimensional code scanning pea pod pea pod can not download the application (By Vizr)
Repair group master list interface, enter the batch interface, select all and then cancel the whole election should exit the batch interface
Fix Photo List -> long press any photo -> More -> Details -> Click Close when the highlight effect, not the rounded lower left corner of the display
Select interface canceled after the repair should exit the current interface Select
Le Frog repair boot animation does not centered (QHD models)
Replace OS5 style repair batch file manager interface
Restoration notification bar settings -> Push notification management, screen below the “add block” button to replace OS5 style

[Status Bar]
Optimization process of change from the status bar non-transparent state to a transparent state is too stiff, add transition effects
Repair the drop-down status bar shortcut button, click the button to automatically rotate, the notification bar will quickly recover
Repair phone switch languages, the status bar to switch the language will not be completed
After the repair on your desktop add photos widgets, status bar black

Variety [subject]
Repair theme thumbnail is laterally stretched (QHD models)
When the repair from the gallery cropped wallpaper, preview and actual results inconsistent
Repair Variety topic After downloading the live wallpaper, live wallpapers exit interface into the details again, still shows the download button at the bottom
Repair online dynamic wallpaper download is complete there is no “downloaded” tag

[Security Center]
After the repair install 360 security guards, sometimes from the boot manager does not refresh the 360 ??security guards
Repair intelligent cloud interception time display is inconsistent with the status bar
After the repair open security interceptor, mobile security command is invalid
Repaired by editing commands to control the loss of cell phone text messages invalid

Repair badly shake the camera viewfinder interface
Horizontal screen repair camera viewfinder, open weather seal, weather seal is no horizontal screen
The state of repair of the camera, when you cross the screen, the camera button does not rotate with the horizontal screen
Repair front and rear camera switch, the rear becomes 200W pixels

[App Store]
Added support for incremental optimization application package

[Download Manager]
Click the Download Manager to repair the downloaded wallpaper wallpaper directly into the application interface

[Lock Screen]
Optimization of anti inadvertently mode interface prompt to “hold down the power button and volume + key” to unlock

Press the power button several times to repair, multiple shutdown prompt window will pop up

[Version upgrade]
Upgrade from SD card interface optimization, upgrade package in front of the icon

Third-party applications []
After repair change font browser flash back

[Repair] platform
[Qualcomm platform] fix import messages to the right of the list “>” No need to remove
[Qualcomm platform] fix Bluetooth search interface, the right Bluetooth access point does not need right arrow
[Qualcomm platform] repair switch custom interface, data card switching style icon does not replace OS5
[Qualcomm platform] fix third-party software can not be installed to an external SD card
[Qualcomm platform] repair system settings, location services will pop open when the two visit my location “consent recording location information” inquiry

[Repair] models
[Cool 5890] optimize the notification bar font see FM
[Cool 5890] fix to enter the notification bar settings after the restart signal into a single tower (5890)
[Cool 5890] fix mobile security, remote control can not send any commands, click on the Send button is not available (5890)
[Cool 5890] repair the registry mailbox prompt “Please insert SD Card” (5890)
[Cool 5890] ES repair using a third-party file manager, there are three SD cards, one of which capacity is 0 (5890)
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix Login Email perform to the third step, and then click Next, it will flash back to the first step
[Millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix each bird’s eye view into the interface, saving time is 00:00 (By luobiao)
[millet 1 \ millet 1S \ Galaxy Nexus \ Cool 5890] fix edit pictures point facial After the glow, gallery FC (By that touch of relations)

Le Frog tips:
1 What is often said that the 6577 platform, the 6589 platform
The full name of the so-called 6577,6589 platform is MTK6577 and MTK6589 chip platform chip platform, the platform update bulletin 6577 adaptation refers to all the music frog OS models using MTK6577 chip models, empathy can get 6589 platform is the use of MTK6589 chip models.
6577 platform includes: Big V \ big V progress version \ G3 \ G2 \ G2S \ G2 dual-core \ P770 \ S890 \ V889S \ v. 970
6589 platform includes: N828 \ G4 \ S920 \ S950 \ V967S \ V987 \ red rice hand machine

2 What are the controls
Control is actually a more professional and is difficult to interpret the term. Try to say in simple words is pre-set number of switches, buttons, frames and other graphic design can be easily invoked. Convenience (no beauty … boo!) Program in the development of an ape who can unify the call. Use common controls development brings the greatest benefit that can unify the entire system style.


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