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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.27 Modification Sad

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.27 Modification sad:

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/mod/

[Modify staff]: sad
[Firmware Version]: Android 4.1.2
[Release Date]: 2013.11.27
[rom size]: 220MB
[Core]: 3.4.0

Brush Statement:
1 This ROM, I have been tested;.
2 Please be sure that the battery is above 50%, and to ensure that the process of Brush Brush program can not artificially interrupted;
3 Brush risk, please read the instructions and related Brush tutorial carefully and bear Brush risk, I am not responsible for any brush failed assume any responsibility;
4 ROM and I do not hold the copyright in the program, please research and learning for the purpose of legitimate use.
5 If you have not yet found Bug fixes some of the ROM on the basis of this and propose improvement measures recommended continued public and share your work;
6 I hereby declare the use of ROM does not promise any guarantee, not any Users guarantee the suitability of the ROM to your machine, and does not guarantee trouble-free produce, nor use this ROM encountered any theoretical or actual loss liable for any user;
7 if the ROM produced in use Any questions, please do not implement personal attacks against me directly or indirectly in any manner;
8 If you use this ROM, that means tacitly accepted the contents of the statement.

1 Based on the latest music frogs OS optimized streamline, update the version number is 13.11.27
2. complete ROOT
3. Adding to the picture of the effect of strengthening the Sony patch
4. delete common components, the runtime
5. Adding RE manager, shutdown Software
6. global zipliang of
7. kernel support init.d
8. better video. photographic optimization
9. WiFi speed optimization
10. improve jpg quality 100%
11 GPU rendering the UI
12. dial-up time is reduced
13. improve scrolling reflect
14 Le Frog OS strong brush removal REC
15 updates the search button to lock screen button.
16 to add a lot of optimization, stable system.


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