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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.22

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.22:

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Micro Signal: lewaos
Follow Le Frog Micro Signal: lewaos, Close! ! ! Broke the news in advance, update announcement early release, special events, but also a lot of prizes, we quickly focus on it!
Well once again explain Forum Announcements time is actually essential than ever before will be no change in the 21 o’clock -10 o’clock full update release announcement. Before this micro-channel synchronous release will update the content and forums are now adjusted to the early release of the updated general content. Frog fans wait until too late to avoid some of the tired. I hope you can understand ah. Ado, let me see Bulletin updated:

OS5 Weekly Recommendation:
New batch import SIM card contacts function (MTK5.0 models)
Add notification class information added to expand the scope of regular shake adjustable sensitivity optimization finishing capabilities Download Manager interface is unified visual style for the OS5

OS5 user attention:
After rebooting update fixes App Store icon is not displayed fix Variety theme wallpaper interface is being used simultaneously display two wallpaper fix SMS function is not repaired Variety reject theme wallpaper display Loading replacement repair could not get out after the restart icon disorder (By looking in Hell Paradise)
Repair restore contacts with pea pods abnormal (By _ Bing dry ?.)
Fix m a shutdown and then boot SIM Application chart disappears (By luobiao)
Fix USB charging automatic restart optimize call time does not count ringing time (By nest mud horse)
Flash back phenomenon has applications recommended models suggest double clear brush complete package

Le Frog tips:
1 To prevent false triggering frequent finishing the desktop, the current update of the desktop features a shake finishing trigger mode, only in the horizontal direction of the shake will trigger a desktop finishing. Please follow the following video together to learn the correct posture shake. (I have the position I am proud )

Full model update:
Brush contacts after repair, restore contacts with the pea pods when FC (_ Bing dry ?. Feedback)
Repair restore contacts with QQ synchronization assistant after ungrouped contacts do not show up repair [1080P] No contacts, contacts interface cues indicating arrow is suspended block fix a Details button, press the Menu key to select Delete , check the information after the delete button is grayed out is not clickable or repair call time does not count ringing time (Wo mud horse feedback)
Repair should not allow call recording recorder recording repair voicemail settings interface, the title bar is missing the back button, under the title of the lack of dividing lines fixes SMS add an attachment select a picture without the Enter key, and contacts need to confirm the selection of storage repair New Contact position, click on that option has been selected the menu does not automatically hide

Desktop Repair weather Published adjusted to 24 hours (Vizr feedback)
Fix the same page multiple icons floating mode, drag one of the applications will be pushed to another icon is not in floating mode and release the icon and press the return key, and some icons placed Fix non-clicking a button wallpaper changer repair will continue to display Loading enter add widgets interface, analog clock on the thumbnail of 2 × 2 dial plus 25 words

Common Controls Repair virus protection killing log, press to delete the log at the bottom of the control is inconsistent with OS5 Fix weather did not add any city, the camera when you open the weather seal is not OS5 style toast tips

Fix dual card set deactivate a SIM card and then unplug another SIM card, turn left after a card can not be activated

Fix status bar icon notification bar recorder too large repair scan does not address the two-dimensional code contacts, two-dimensional code FC

Camera repair camera viewfinder interface can not slide into the gallery, and the icon disappears from the viewfinder screen repair on the weather did not add any city, the camera when you open the weather seal is not OS5 style toast tips

Clock repair Clock -> Clock interface, select the city after a long push the delete button, pop-up boxes content errors, should not be “Delete Alarm”

Variety Theme repair scan some two-dimensional code fonts, and theme (boxes, Yaya Han-yi, font, etc.), and click the download scan the results, suggesting that models do not fit repair Variety theme online desktop wallpaper interface is being used simultaneously display two wallpaper

Security Center fix security center after clicking one button scanning optimization, even the prompt has been optimized to the best, but the interface is also shown being scanned repair download applications, traffic monitoring FC
Fix uninstall third-party applications from the start, the first time since the launch of management view, the application is unloaded from the boot manager still in the list

Fix restart the phone to enter the App Store application store, update the top right corner of the icon does not show the necessary fixes installed in casual puzzle and puzzle casual repeat

Qualcomm platform <br /> Repair USB charging, the phone will automatically restart fixes SMS function is not rejecting UIM card repair toolbox application icon should appear by default in the system and security repair folder icon after the restart sequence will be chaos, and the installation on SD The application on the card icon will disappear fix for the font, the system user interface FC

M 1, Nexus
Fix anti inadvertently screen, press the Home key and the volume up key to unlock forced to reject invalid fix SMS functions are unavailable Fix to open the flashlight, press the Back key to return to the desktop, the screen lock screen does not light


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