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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.15 Modification 103

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.15 Modification 103

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/mod/

Quad peppers M1 Le Frog OS5-103 period, the depth of the modified kernel optimization, energy saving and smooth! !

ROM Information:
Android Version: 4.1.2
ROM Size: 204M
UI type: Le Frog OS5
fit models: LA-M1
Release Date: 2013.11.17
Note: Please specify the source forwarded

Description: Based on the latest version of Le Frog OS5 basis optimization and streamlining of the system on the depth changes, the system has been tested with all the basic functions of normal use without affecting the BUG system is stable and smooth! !

Personal modify:
1.apk for odex technology.
2.zipaliang optimization.
3. adding very effective boot saving patches.
4 Modify the lock screen sounds.
5. join gps optimization, positioning faster advertising shielding function
7. kernel add init.d script support
8. added V6 power optimization script
9. touch / dial / virtual machine performance / image Display Optimization image display engine to join, most people praise Oh
11. adding some utility software – may be less than the self-unloading deleted.
12 added the latest version of RE Manager can customize the background project other small optimizations.
14 Le Frog app streamline some unwanted programs, system more fluid, power.
15. adding full ROOT privileges
16. conventional double clear way into the brush to brush machine, brush machine Do not double clear, so clean out V6 optimize material have other Replies bug feedback, thank you!
17 first start please be patient! ! ! !

Le Frog comes ROOT opening method:
Open the Security Center – Open Authorization Manager – election mandate – or leave the last election ROOT – Open ROOT authorization

Le Frog fluency adjustments:
1 Open the Settings – Open Developer Options – Adjust the zoom window animation adjusted for the excessive animated zoom 0.5X-0.5X-animation program for the duration of 0.5X
2. open settings – Developer options open – open to force GPU rendering
3 Open the Desktop Settings – Adjust the desktop animation effects to – standard (no rebound ) 4
Please Brush this way after the first adjustment and automatic restart once restarted until after the completion of all programs can run smooth experience! !

Brush Disclaimer: Brush risk, brush machine need to be cautious in the ROM test, the operation does not stop Brush cause problems, I take no responsibility!


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