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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.08.09 Modification by Lok Wow

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.08.09 Modification by Lok Wow

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/mod/

Optimizer optimizes single hand dial button controls
Optimized single hand dial pad to enter the number dial mode after hiding the text entry box below the horizontal line less than half
Fix a call using the phone card interface icons missing

Repair Set SMS mute after receipt of SMS is still ringing
Fix lock screen mode calls, use SMS reject, select any phrase, no text has been prompted by

Music Player
Fix edit playlists on the cover, can not be added in the photo gallery

Self-page optimization into the skin
Optimization weather stamp mode, the air quality is four characters, wind incomplete information display
After optimization of continuous upward movement of figures from the shutter to the Gallery icon animated transitions not smooth, 1/5 will be thrown about
Horizontal version optimized weather seal arrangement, the upper right corner “x” is significantly higher than the vertical version of the arrangement of the small
Optimization weather camera without switching between two kinds of animation templates
Optimization weather camera preview interface effects too rough
More optimization under “Camera Settings” is not centered and the background color is inconsistent with other
Fix SD card space when shooting, continuous shooting animation always show “1” does not disappear
Weather seal repair mode, the horizontal screen no close button on the floating layer
Fix long press the shutter, the first second and start shooting when the circle position is not the same as
Fix long press the shutter shooting, from the third seconds before beginning to perform this action
Repair using weather seal horizontal screen, sliding around, the gallery FC
Repair from the gallery Back to the camera, incidental Gallery FC

Optimization supports batch delete the phone album album folder classification
Optimized interaction flow into the filter inlet and
Optimized browsing mode to increase the “Print” function
After adding video files optimized top of the page displays the number of pictures +1
Fix gallery view pictures full screen double click, the picture is not correctly displayed in full screen, but left his black
Fix album, the time display is inconsistent with the picture of the actual time
Fix edit pictures, click on the Back key, you should not save the picture, but should prompt the user whether to give up editing
Repair Pictures View interface, up and down the black line at the bottom of the semipermeable effect
Fix add desktop widget, select the photo pages to native style
Fix Camera Roll photos are displayed under today’s January 1, 1970 Kusakabe
Fix added video files are not playing
Fix photo editing interface is missing “Undo” button
Fix the English state, the camera displays the date of classification as a Chinese film
Fix MP4 format video is not displayed in the gallery next
Click the Fix video playback menu under stop after a single cycle and can not play the video

Variety Theme
Optimized modify wallpaper interface display desktop wallpaper, live wallpaper, video wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper
Optimize application from a local wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper lock screen wallpaper from the online application for the wallpaper speed is inconsistent
Optimize crop wallpaper from the gallery and after application, preview and a big gap between the actual display
Optimized Desktop wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper resource details the interface and text layout is not consistent with the layout of other modules, classes, and information should be made ??between spacing
Fix style online system directly displays the network connection fails

Digging up treasure
Optimization digging treasure sound will interrupt the music playback applications

Security Center
Optimization is scanning pitch of the text on both sides of
Under optimal scavenging, the percentage of used space
Fix management application list shows two security center
Repair prohibit third-party applications boot from the start, this application can not use desktop gadget error
Repair detection test items will be completed around jitter
Fix Security Center Home fonts show incomplete last line
Fix the use of safety centers in the clean-up after the third-party plug-ins on your desktop all the failure error, you must reinstall to recover
Fix Security Center SD card page, the “Applications” storage space calculations do not come out
Fix garbage cleaned once FC
Fix internal storage space inside the application displays a pie chart is not the same size with the
Fix Auto Scan encountered FC
Repair system space page shows inconsistent with the actual application data

Weather applications optimized final day weather details removed weather information

Set up
Fix WIFI connection and click on the AP connected AP no reaction, no display box

Lock screen
Remaining battery optimization tips in the new lock screen layout unsightly
Fix low battery, the display red circle, and there is also a red circle circle breathing
Fix lock screen only shows 12-hour time (enhome feedback)
Fix music player into the lock screen does not display when the music mode, and the control is invalid


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