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LA-M1 CynogenMod 10 Dual Card

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LA-M1 CynogenMod 10 Dual Card

ROM = /himax/rom/cyanogenmod/LA-M1-CyanogenMod-10-[buggy].zip

(592zn pilot project) CyanogenMod 10 dual card version, msm8625Q dual card version of CM10 to the most recent
system version: CyanogenMod 10 (JellyBean android4.1.2)
supports dual card: DSDS
recently supported models: Kiss peppers m1
Developer: 592zn Qualcomm msm7627a program development group (knife, like the eyes, hasz, Symbean, Chow, zwb2615, so brilliant adaptation to the Jiangbei transplant peppers m1)

Acknowledgement: This autumn big thanks to his team’s open-source dual card code, this project uses a lot of their code, so this msm8625Q dual card transplant was able to progress rapidly.

About 592ZN Forum Copyright: msm8625Q dual card version of CM10 is 592ZN exclusive compilation copyright owner ROM 592zn In this statement, we have the right to take further legal action will be retained. Any forum of any individual on the basis of transplant, modify, compile must indicate the source of secondary 592ZN forum in view of the sensitivity of the copyright, is hereby modified to 592 individuals

ROM production release several requests:
1.592zn oil in his own name, modify, publish ROM package, copyright is 592zn.
2 Personal modified version of the Brush Pack, general packet should be based on the official forum 592 package production.
3 Personal modify the package, in addition to the version number update, delete the copyright information is prohibited.
4 built-modified version of ROM prohibit rogue, viruses, porn software.
5. Contrary to the above requirements, a warning will be processed and delete entries and hold copyright ownership.

1, released the second version of the compiler;
2, to solve the full-screen status bar force close issues (FC);
3, resolved after the call, the phone (Phone) forced to shut down problem;
4, repair calendar;
5, adjust the position of the pull-down notification bar to clear buttons.
Note: Currently CM10 replacement skin function is not complete, the subsequent repairs.

20,130,615.10 1, the initial release

compiled versions; function is now working properly:
1, CM10 system is working properly;
2, phone (dual sim)
3, SMS (dual card)
4, Contact (double card)
5, data access (dual card)
7, Bluetooth
8, GPS
9, the sensor
10, the camera
11, internal and external memory card
12, usb connection

Note: You can not see where the brush after call, after first boot first dual card setup, the phone function before you can use.
Known BUG: off-screen as well as the brightness of the screen to open the moment there are black and white phenomenon
statement: experimental project developer only all problems or who are interested in developing and debugging use, during use, 592zn (I love intelligent Forum) and its development team assumes no responsibility


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