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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V43

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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V43

ROM = /himax/rom/baidu/

ROM43 New Year edition, the auspicious Year of the Horse, immediately brush!

support models:
official support models:
Huawei C8812/C8813/C8812E/U8825D (G330D) / C8825D (G330C) / C8950D/G520 Mobile / C8813Q/C8813D/P6 (Mobile / Unicom version ), ZTE N880E/N909, HT * C Incredible S (G11) / T328W/T328D / T328T/ONE X, Google Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Lenovo A789/A798T/A820, Samsung I9300/I9220/NOTE2 (N7100), Cool 5890/5950, Zhuopu C2 (ZP980)
Cloud Development Group Support models:
Huawei C8815/C8813DQ/U8950D/U8818/G525 Unicom version / G520 Unicom version / G700 Unicom / mobile / G610 Unicom / Mobile / Telecom version, HT * C G12, ZTE N919, Lenovo S720/S720I/A820T/A820E, Amoi A920W/N820/N821/N828, red rice Mobile / Unicom version, Newman N1, mushrooms M2, quality rice X1/X2 and so on.

Brush Description:
1 brush Baidu cloud-ROM, please read carefully. Brush tutorial , it is recommended to use a PC, a healthy Brush tool or mobile phone Brush App
2 beta – beta, the official version – official version can be upgraded via OTA upgrade (system update. – Check for updates – select the latest version upgrade) .
3 older versions can quickly upgrade (upgrade package into the SD card through the latest full package by entering Recovery brush card upgrade; or system update – Local update package upgrade) .
4 cross-version When upgrading (the official version and the beta version is not supported each brush) anomalies appear individually or in order to avoid data conflicts between the span is too large version. Please be sure to clear the active backup data before the data, in order to avoid loss of (Backup and Recovery – Brush – – backup to a local / cloud restore backup) Note: 1 HT * C following models in the card swipe or OTA update, to be painted once Kit G11 kit , T328W kits , T328D kits , T328T toolkit .
3 card brush is recommended to use Baidu cloud rom official recovery, each model recovery address
2 for G520 mobile version -5000 version, if you can not determine the version number, use the Brush tool judgment.
3 P6 card brush and OTA download package can not brush by brush tool. Brush Brush tool does not support the card package, the package only supports wire brush, wire brush, please read the tutorial ( )

Lunar New Year draws near, more and more concentrated in flavor. Know the machine going home faithful friends ~
Version years ago mainly for anti-harassment communications enhancements, a desktop visual and optimize performance. Function Point is not, but they are very useful! There are New Year Wallpaper presented to us; dynamic status bar New Year comic presentation; blinds Spring area; Xiaoyun accompany the holiday with everyone Oh!
Xiaoyun advance Happy New Year! Immediate success! Have the money right away! Now handsome! Now … the most important is the new release, immediately brush!

Current ROM Recommended: Now there is “talk” more accurate cloud interception blocking harassment

Current anti-harassment function optimization enhancements, increased cloud interception against spam, blocking harassment is more accurate, allowing you to use the phone more safe and secure.
1, provides a powerful cloud-number tag library, and calls, dialing, call identification information interface to increase the number
2, optimized interface unfamiliar phone numbers switched tag, more clarity
3, increasing the number of identified local message while increasing delete local marking labels
4, increasing harassment of black and white lists to intercept application and backup and recovery capabilities interception record
5, supports dual SIM interception, interception records and add in the status bar and notification SIM card identification interception, interception of information at a glance
6, optimizing local unfamiliar numbers marked interface
7, optimize harassment intercept application icon, meaning more explicitly clear
8, update numbers attribution to the database
9, unified phone, text messaging, address book numbers attribution information and reduce the RAM footprint – 9M
10, optimizing interaction: When you add numbers to the blacklist, the corresponding call and SMS records will be transferred to the interception record

The “surface” once
the desktop visual, performance optimization
1, the icon for the main screen press the effect of optimization
1) increase icon rises slightly animated, cute and lively.
2) Weather widget long press only shake once.
3) After rising icon, cancel blue background shading, using the original icon, the weather widget translucent background.
2, the main screen is optimized for speed cold start
3, should be recommended faithful machine, remove the newly installed application angle labeled “new” words.
4, the contact interface, multi-select interface optimized interface displayed directly contacts and groups.

Other improvements
Repair the desktop to open the screen to cycle, when the sliding screen stuck
Repair uninstall the application will be “flow control” exception, sometimes the phone will restart
Under repair lock screen calls, receive calls via Bluetooth headset will be abnormal
Optimization of IP telephone set numbers attribution to determine areas to support the specific methods of operation by entering the code: Communication Center -> Call Settings -> IP dial settings -> Set the number belongs to -> Enter the area code, for example, 0755,0351, etc.
SMS report repair turned on by default (Contributors: after rain sway)
Repair i9300 wifi connection is not on (provider: jiajiaaiqiqi)
Click to repair i9300 sometimes unusual concert
Repair T328W lowest brightness setting for the evening still look dazzling (Contributors: Bugs 064)
Check phone repair 100 + V5 open outgoing international code conversion, press the power button button screen is off, press again after screen light, this menu is not checked
Repair ad filtering can filter the System Preferences application (provider: silentpsyche)
After the repair ROM42 sync Google GMS brush into account anomalies (Provider: nksmiles)
Repair Baidu mobile assistant can not get Root privileges (Provider: wwhhqq4/seapine)
Sometimes the repair switch themes and wallpapers, flashlight backstage start
Repair first connection wifi, phone sometimes appear abnormal exit setup program
Fix wifi interface status details and status bar status inconsistency
Repair of full-screen camera to take pictures, photo framing pictures taken with the actual migration occurs
Repair hot words occasionally lock screen shows only the stars do not show hot words
Repair virus killing virus scanning progress and optimization tips page display
Bottom repair blinds sometimes dockbar icon


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