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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V41

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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V41

ROM = /himax/rom/baidu/

[ROM Version] Android4.1.2
[applicable models M1 peppers
snow [production staff] night
[known BUG] : Invalid touch feedback (Jiangbei said to help fix this problem Jiangbei good news)
automatic power shutdown state charge

[Friendly reminder]
Brush risk, independent of the consequences of the author and 592ZN Forum caused! Thank you for understanding and support for
the recommendation of ROM:
a festive surprise, brush ROM41, New Year’s Day win mobile phones.
Released in New Year’s Eve, the festival faithful machine operators will bring what is the same feeling? Spoilers two screen shots, give us early adopters. Brush quickly, there is a surprise appearance on New Year’s day, Oh! In addition you can hear the voice greeting Xiaoyun personally released, intellectual treasure hunt, you can also enter a sweepstakes to win a mobile phone prize!

Second, the weather widget transparent, visual effects to enhance the
ROM39 , weather widget new revision; hyun 5.1, with new wallpaper. Friends of the machine you cry in joy, the weather widget can finally set up transparent. Can any wild wallpaper. New Year with new wallpaper, the visual effect is not to improve it!

Third, the contact picture switch settings, reduce memory consumption
Contact setting new avatar switch settings. There are different models for different default setting mode: 512M the following models off by default, other models turned on by default; smart dialing, contact list, message list, contact search pages are unified picture settings; contact details page Favorite contacts also made reservations Picture Show.
Because loading avatar will consume some CPU and memory, 512M machine for the default settings for this feature off some local friends have benefits on.

Four, Volume key setting, music, random play
Music player, you can cut the song and to be processed by the volume keys to adjust the volume after the screen is turned off. Short press volume keys to adjust the volume; long press volume key, then cut down the song. The volume keys to move a first cut, cut back the volume down key a song, press each cut only once; when the screen is turned on, long press volume to adjust the volume.

Five, press the Backspace key, exit the application straightforward
Application level too much? Applications are not too clean? Now just press the Backspace key in any application, the system will exit the application and clean up its cache. Let the machine friends faster and easier to use.
This feature is not new, millet and music frog, too. Our point is to enhance the process of Friends of the machine press the Backspace key, the application exits. And after millet, the need to lift the back button all this will happen, our design is more comfortable on the experience.
This feature is still in beta, we will launch in ROM42 custom function keys behavior of the system.
Other improvements

New Year’s Day Wallpaper
First start after a serious problem to solve 512M models Caton Brush
Added LED color settings do not support partial models, providing LED switch
Add a new SMS bright screen setting switch
After adding the flashlight back open, click the power button again to turn off the flashlight into the lock screen.
Add New Document Manager document interface, support for built-in music folder browsing needs.
Permissions canceled automatically optimizing the status bar notification messages are not automatically canceled after adding a timeout
Contacts application optimized display keyboard icon search
Optimized set privacy statement intelligent terminal display as Baidu cloud platform, cloud-ROM into Baidu

Optimization of the player press the “song” sort of icon display
Repair touch-focus camera positions have shifted
Repair turn the camera screen, the flash icon sometimes disappear
Repair 4.2 models from the gallery into the camera, several points need to exit back
Repair 4.2 times after the first screen models gallery does not display pictures
Repair screen when switching from the first gallery to the second screen has obvious Caton
Restoration Chinese environment, the gallery’s third album Baidu login screen button is displayed in English
Repair after using the camera to take pictures, view pictures obviously feel the picture darker than the actual brightness
Repair enters the gallery to delete all the pictures in a photo album, suggesting that there is no available pictures / videos
Repair times into the video list, and open the video may appear crash
Repair open a audio file from the file manager, or even set to loop a single cycle loop can not be

[Models] dual card
Added by dual card setup, set free to enter sim card number, validity checks should be added
Repair card 1, data flow management dual card set will replace the default card 1 card 2, and disable the switch does not occur before
Repair of double-card management settings to disable all cards, the data network can also open and close
Repair set the tone of the music when a longer name, song name and ringtones overlap
Repair of double-card model turned pin code after code after the restart ignores the input pin into phone, dial button confusion
Repair dual card setup page on the top left corner of the icon should return an arrow

Repair the virtual keys to select the page where the style icon is not aligned
Repair the lock screen to unlock the message, and then unlock the lock screen to the camera, after repeated gallery crash
Repair set to display only phone book contacts, dial-up or when the SIM card will show the same name Contacts
Repair of the English mode “keyboard light switch” garbled
Repair open storage devices connected to the computer switch, call recording should not be prompted to store full indeed still recording mode, but should not prompt recording
Repaired after the restart after turning the pin into the emergency dialing protection page, the title is misleading and should be changed to “Emergency Dialer”
Fix WIFI can not set a static IP, set a static IP connection to view or dynamic allocation of IP.
Repair the file manager will sometimes crash
Repair second theme preview widget, the picture is an icon
Repair streamlined: deleted native Provision
Fixes to solve the problem of setting even now in Crash

Warranty feedback area
repair set virtual buttons at the bottom of the touch screen will still appear ineffective. Contributors: MMMr__ Korea / kvxk)
More repair gallery folder, still showing after a photo shoot, can not be deleted (Provider: cklovelhj123)
Repair A789/A798T models masked WLAN Direct feature is not supported by the entrance (Provider: volley next month)
Repair C8813/C8813Q / Cool 5950/C8813D/P6 models out Spanish language setting streamline support (Contributors: Wind fearless)
Repair carte menu button on the main screen, there are two sound when pop-up menu (Provider: shansheng)
Repair of desktop icons after the restart but not (Contributors: Jan 0702 Bear / Wang Zi small pot / Poison _leo)
ROM38 version fixes SMS tone settings or default ringtone (Contributors: Azeroth far off)


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