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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V40

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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V40

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

Of ROM recommendation:
a functional entrance quick, no silk Night
before setting items hidden in the depths of a few powerful and intimate function:
since the launch of the application, ad filtering, permission to monitor the phone back, traffic usage, battery management (optimized power) are all there on the desktop shortcut entrance. This time we do not go to “Settings” in the ultimate diving friends. These features are exposed in the entrance, and a special mention: the intelligent battery management power saving settings! It contains a lot of options, you can optimize power, largely so that you get rid of rapid depletion of energy distress. While we can not provide you open, but you can achieve the ultimate throttle! Here I share a secret Oh, we can open the “Enable off-screen after a key optimization”, so every time the system will be done once off-screen memory cleanup, to “leave no troubles!” The next time you unlock the system will be a “Riverside distinctly Hanyang tree Fangcaoqiqi Parrot Island” views. 512M of the owner can be a lot to try Yo? Second, the desktop icon fretting, more fun too current desktop icon adds more animated features: 1, long press the icon placement, other icons of the page will be gently bouncing and shaking for a while, as if a pebble thrown into the pond ripples stirred up. 2, into the folder, the number of icons in the order has successively Fade into the desktop. They looked like nice orderly queue, it really is lovely three camera viewfinder centered, results impartiality full screen viewfinder brought before a side effect is that the viewfinder area and shooting the final shot of the area is not coincident with its center point, resulting in a larger number of users to shoot photos and then framing gap. ROM in this release, we have adopted a new cut slightly, is the center point of coincidence and the center of the viewfinder screen, thereby reducing the maximum degree of regional differences in framing and shooting area. Four virtual buttons dispensable, the order can be left and right can get in the way too virtual keys? Faithful machine can be set – “Display Select” support the virtual keys away “, then just click on the down arrow to the left of the virtual keys, you can hide the entire virtual button bar. Slide your finger up from the bottom, but also re-display the more powerful in the setting – “display -” Change virtual key position, you can adjust the order of the virtual keys to facilitate the return key on the hands or left-handed operation. As the saying goes, “come and go, so Chipin” five. calls marked, exhaled with identification of dual card dual standby machine friends, calls all hope will identify the interface is able to identify the call and dial the corresponding phone cards, this For the identification of dual-card interface features to make your mind clear on the number of tariff obviously got them. Other improvements [call] new incoming flash alert settings. Optimize the call log interface GUI, the replacement phone records classification filter icon [Settings] fix file manager when you click on sharing should not be transferred out “Sort by” / “Capacity Information” screen; should pop up sharing directly interface to repair the power management module, Charging time is expected to be left display repair settings – Applications – Application Management Application When checked Select / Select button to cancel the display position on the side to repair the file manager when renaming pictures, picture thumbnail box has some overlap with the input repair WLAN When you enter a user name want to pop input method defaults to English mode instead of spelling mode, user-friendly repair restore factory settings reboot quick points off the boot after the wizard to enter the main screen, quick click louver guide page Close button, the main screen crash repair desktop settings “Display tray floor” and “display the application list button”, after two unsuccessful backup and recovery options , Multimedia, turn the flash when the camera repair after filming finished, left slide, see screen shot, the camera returns page , the flash still open, but the flash off the camera icon display repair P6 camera to record videos, tune in the system in the preview video app playback, Caton [Contact] fixes some models when setting the contact picture, select ” screenshots “directory or enter Click on the picture gallery will Crash repair some models when setting up a contact picture, edit picture book Crash will lead to a period after the restoration click on a sliding contact, sometimes Crash. Repair the registry exchange account, exchange account sync contacts in the address book down [other] optimization tools integrated into a small flashlight flashlight application in the repair of hot words lock screen in duplicate hot words repair the micro-channel or on the phone status bar spam messages prompt icon, the icon is displayed when a call is not properly repair the file manager to copy video files to your phone from the network disk storage process, enter the phone memory, repeatedly select the picture file, the file manager crash fixes for long video file name, the list can not see the full video video file name, the name of each file with a list of videos dual-line display for the first time after the restoration screenshot toast pops up prompts to enter the status bar handling screenshot repair [phone back] lock screen After two consecutive incorrect password is entered, the picture does not automatically upload pictures to repair black theme dual card configuration page displays the phone number


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