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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V38

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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V38

ROM = /himax/rom/baidu/

38 Baidu cloud: Dual card ring set, side by side, ringtones entirely different; adding automatic redial function; Baidu new camera, gallery, themes.


1. Delete some useless software, search key lock screen.
2 fixes breathing light.
3 tone database and update the system default ringtone (personalized ring tones, oh) (Note: the snow from the night 37.)
4.wifi hot

Known Bug:
Four Diamond vibration invalid
other updates see Baidu cloud official recommendation:

Current ROM Recommended:
Re-launch a dual 11: Camera for face glance, there are male Cock wire spring
Camera from the original partition mode to full-screen viewfinder, greater clarity to make your photos extraordinary. The 4.0 and 4.1 of the camera on the device is the “below the screen, does the viewfinder.” Of course, this is not without cost, and interested friends can read this post cloud appendix.
Love taking pictures of the machine friends will be friends – Dual 11 exhibition limbs, Singles, afraid! Embrace your pictures expertise, use Baidu cloud ROM camera modules to give you the goddess photographed it, maybe your spring is thus born!
1, flash and front camera button placed in full-screen preview of the upper left corner, to facilitate related adjustments before taking pictures. Simplifies the camera and video mode switching method, and you can set the photographic effect.
2, camera and photographed consistent UI aspects.
3, panorama mode UI to maintain consistent and photographed.

Dual 11 re-launch two: Gallery transfiguration superhuman powers, save Mito, Mito look
Gallery also with camera module together with the revision, comprehensive adaptation 4.0,4.1,4.2 version. Meng goddess could not be saved according to how their own masterpiece keep it constantly browsing!
1, the time axis visit: daily photo thumbnails will form a unit, down from the time of the shooting early evening sorted. If you want to jump to a certain date, in addition to scroll up and down this way, you can also click on the date of the text, it will pop up a half-screen interface for quick retrieval jump.
2, the traditional folder view View: camera in a prominent position at the same time, taking into account the visibility of other folders. Users can not show in the first folder interface organized into a single virtual folder “more images” in the.
3, cloud photo album browsing, you can choose to use in this tab page Baidu account login, browse Baidu photo album, quickly and safely.

Followed Calls + SMS + address book interface, you can slide freely in three modes – switching back and forth, operate freely. This revision would not say that contrary to its kind, drawing almost the extraction, but also iron clank, the Jiao-Jiao Yong.

Dual 11 re-launch three: a master lock screen diversity, was supernatural theme fresh
Previously said, Baidu cloud ROM can be adapted to the market mainstream theme package, especially with a grain company named works. But slightly less than that, we were not recognize and parse them in the lock screen theme package configuration file, so even if you apply these topics can not see the lock screen which contains.

From this ROM, we can already parse lock screen file and you can make your way up to enjoy these lock screen. You download and apply a theme package, which contains the lock screen mode immediately.
Dual 11 re-launch four: watch video manipulation, networked disk Zuoyoufengyuan

From ROM38 onwards, after you log Baidu account, you can operate Baidu network disk stored on the video. You can upload videos to the local network disk, network disk can also download the video to the local. Even more peculiar is that we integrate cloud baidu media player sdk, so you can directly open network disk video viewing and no longer around the corner downloaded, Xiaoyun think this is the biggest highlight of this ROM, very convenient, this the true meaning of life is the cloud era: the body in the cloud, Rulvpingdi.
From the interface point of view, the whole video is now divided into two tab pages. The first page or the traditional local video page, it will list all of your local video files will not repeat them here. The second page is the cloud video interface, we’ll show your network disk in which all the video resources. You can choose to download the press can also click directly play.

Recommended: Launcher lose weight first screen Speed-
Many cloud Friends complain first screen performance is not good, in this ROM, we do some optimization. The main means that some of the non-essential work on the launch later choose, rather than a whole thing will come ready. By means of this optimization, we can speed up your boot into the first screen speed. Of course, we will continue to work in the operating performance, time will tell.

Other improvements:
Add call to join the automatic redial function

New SMS center number is set entrance (only supports mobile)

New dual card ringtone settings. Dual cards side by side, ringtones entirely different.

Optimization drip long sentence recognition results page interactive detail:
1, the recognition results in increased system scrollbar. When the text can not be too much when the screen is displayed, the scroll bar appears by default, blinks and then disappears.
2, the bottom right corner of the character statistics. Instant recognition results show the current number of characters.
Fix click Edit / Rotate picture, gallery will FC


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