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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V37

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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V37

ROM = /himax/rom/baidu/

Long time did not fiddle with the ROM, and get hold of Baidu cloud Dances. So there is time to get anything else. First come first night snow step, Baidu cloud 37 release.

Known BUG old trouble:
1. breathing light
2.wifi hot
3 Four Diamond vibration invalid

in view of the sensitivity of copyright, is hereby modified in 592 individuals ROM production release of several requests:
1.592zn oil in his own name, modify, publish ROM package, copyright attribution 592zn.
2 Personal modified version of the Brush Pack, generally should be based on the official forums package for the 592 base package for production.
3 Personal modify package, in addition to the version number update is prohibited delete copyright information.
4 modified version of the ROM banned built rogue, viruses, pornography software category.
5 contrary to the foregoing, a warning will be processed and delete entries, hold copyright ownership.
Want a hot “new man” and the like practically speaking professional ethics. Which for various reasons we all know.
No tables.

Add Status Bar New 3 switches: shutdown, mute, lock screen
Added a new desktop gadget and quick launch tool flashlight switch
List of new features backplane switch options
New application list sorted by frequency increase and optimize the flow of new folders
Add docbbar background desktop settings can be configured

New answer vibration function – Answering the call to set an additional vibration on / turn off
Repair contacts call log loading process text overlay (Contributors: @ Communications _diao wire)
Fix C network outgoing calls, the other is answered no vibration
Repair deleted contacts custom ring tones, this contact calls without ringing

Update the system database and the default ringtone ringtone (personalized ring tones, oh. Brush does double clear when the alarm clock rings or ROM36 ??new default ringtone)
Updated Unlock Sound
Update Key audio
Update Switch Sound
Add a stopwatch and countdown sound
Add List “Delete notes” Operation Add sound effects

New messages list, press and hold the message sent by strangers, the pop-up menu to add the “Add to Contacts”, to facilitate rapid strangers to Contacts

Add reboot into Recovery , click reboot, choose ” Brush Mode ” Press OK to take effect
Fix: Set Application Management checkbox easy to inadvertently

Added support for the launcher to add the song list for the Shortcut . shortcut displays the name of the song list and cover art. Click on the shortcut you can play back the songs in this list.
Add in the network disk transfer list open files, can be directly downloaded to the local file already. If the file format is not supported, then the pop-up toast inform
New network disk files can view the details
New network disk provided in accordance with the ” name ” , ” Time “&” Size “three ways to sort view
Add music player settings to add a “sliding when changing song lyrics progress,” the switch is disabled by default. Off can be dragged up ways to view the lyrics, the song does not affect the playback progress.
Added: Optimization song delivery network traffic

Add gadgets to add process optimization, performance tuning slide
New gadgets quick start
Fix List ” delete notes ” operation to add sound effects
Fix Baidu map click on the navigation problem will flash back
Fix anti-harassment module interface is displayed as Chinese in English, and the system main interface uncoordinated issues (Contributors: Fish swim in the Atlantic Ocean)
Fix harassment after intercepting messages by clicking Report an error exit (provider: ccll1935 )
Repair system upgrade interface ” boot across process upgrade notification ” in front of the word appears truncated
Fix screenshot after editing the picture to be wrong (Contributors: @ mmsky521 )
Repair Baidu Cloud Professional Edition installed static reading of the world can not read (Contributors: @ qwer6x )
Fix Baidu map navigation functions when using flash back. (Provider: love Liu rising, brush the old man)


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