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LA-M1 ShenDu OS No.2

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LA-M1 ShenDu OS No.2

ROM = /himax/rom/shendu/

System Name: Depth OS
Android Version: 4.1.2
suitable models: Compass peppers M1
graft repair: iFasWind (blast)
Update Date :2013-11-23

WIFI has been repaired, modified the status bar, single card display a single signal, adding a speed display, more beautiful to use!
Brush statement:
1) the ROM , I have been tested ;
2) Always ensure that the battery is above 50%, and to ensure that the process of Brush Brush program can not artificially interrupted;
3) Brush risk, please read the instructions and related Brush tutorial carefully and bear the Brush risk, I am not responsible for any brush machine failure Any liability;
4) He does not hold ROM and the program copyright, please research and learning for the purpose of legitimate use.
5) If you are in this ROM based on the restoration of some undiscovered Bug and propose improvement measures recommended continued public and share your work;
6) I hereby declare the use of ROM does not promise any guarantee, not any Users guarantee the suitability of the ROM to your machine, and does not guarantee trouble-free produce, nor use this ROM encountered any theoretical or actual loss liable for any user;
7) If the ROM produced in use Any questions, please do not implement personal attacks against me directly or indirectly in any manner;
8) If you use this ROM, that means tacitly accepted the contents of the statement.
9) The rom the card brush pack.

known BUG:
. 1 when the battery is low breathing lights lit (other times normal)
did not find the other. . .

. 1 after power need to enter Settings / dual card set to activate SIM card
2. Click 3 under Settings / About phone / Mod version brings up the Advanced Settings
~ ~ system comes with some software, we hope to be able to use the network (especially Is Ange market), thank you!


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