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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.11.29 Modification

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.11.29 Modification

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

MIUI code update to the latest 3.11.29

update log:
this week, new weather support overseas cities, increasing the warning function
when optimizing a browser add sites to the “common” page, the background color is generated according to the website icon

repair When the call status, the question at the top status bar status abnormalities

Optimization Optimization 1080P models on Gaussian blur

fix is not compatible modules, the problem can not be applied topics included

to optimize the screensaver settings to migrate to the system Set
close cloud repair album after album still can play cloud screensaver problem
fixes phone memory pages, internal and external SD card shows the problem with the same name

optimization copywriting tips sound meter
when repairing some cases, the default video player will flash back problems

new networking queries City weather to support overseas cities
New weather warning feature
new “trend” in yesterday’s weather increase the display
optimization Qinghe cloudy night animation
optimization copywriting share to microblogging can Edit
repair certain topics can not get the weather information problem

when optimizing add sites to the “common”, according to the website icon generated background color

optimize caching strategies televised “Content selection” on page
optimization large font mode Video comments page text display
optimization when scanning to multiple DLNA devices, these devices will be merged into the same directory
repair some cases returned from playing page, details page flash back problems
when the system language is set to English repair, Some titles are still shown as Chinese problem
fixes click on the search button, two problems loading icon appears on the screen
a list of pages in some cases repair flash back problems


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