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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.10.12

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LA-M1 MIUI V5 BIHAI 3.10.12

ROM = /himax/rom/miui/

ROM package description
Use of this ROM please note the following two
1. Do not delete Huawei backup, or SMS will be FC
2. Card two tones are muted by default, users with dual card, set a card two ring once, or else the card two silent calls
Official MIUI update log:
Optimize the system time in 12-hour case, the “middle of the night 0:00” to “midnight”
Fix menu open state, rotate the screen menu is unavailable cause problems

Optimized disturbance mode on repeated calls optimize call processing logic interface structure

Fix the English state to send regular text messaging may flash back problems

Added support renaming cloud Albums fix some pictures can not display the directory fixes GIF playback fixes Caton open picture appears during the splash screen shaking screen and click on the album gadget fixes cause problems Fix force close gallery Cloud album image cache is deleted, you can not download the thumbnail timely issues

Click the play button optimization is unable to enter the playback page, optimization tips will pop up the corresponding song set to ring, you automatically exit Edit mode repair system language is English, the song information to modify the input box without alignment problems

Optimized to enhance the compass calibration capability

Or you can add a long press on the bottom toolbar zoned “window” button to close the current window at the bottom of the new growth Toolbars “New” button Focus address bar inserted in the text box repair Emoji faces, causes the program to quit unexpectedly problem

[FM Radios]
Fix adds support for FM FM87.4 repair some cases, the issue can not start FM

New handset mode

Unplug the headphones when listening to the radio repair, leading the media volume to 0 issues

New full-screen playback drama, automatically play the next set

This release updates and fixes
============= [BUG] =============
1. Four key does not vibrate repaired
2. Notification bar “disturbance model” long press will crash (the screen does not move) has been fixed
3. Notification bar “Network Type” click error occurs, flash back the repaired
4. Beautification Desktop main screen calendar centered and weather icon
5. Adjust Dual SIM card two tone settings and set the position
6. Fix the flashlight icon to display

Known ============== [BUG] =============
1. Mute can under vibration, the vibration does not start ringing calls vibration,
2. WIFI hotspot does not start
3. Within the external card can not be replaced, only by phone modified to replace

[Download] ============= =============
The stickers ROM does not contain any promotional software, make sure that the I Baidu network disk download, currently the only account: sanraobh, other network disk to download the ROM and I have nothing are bottomless bag limit, any package versions can brush into the bottom, first be sure to clear the brush into the user data manipulation! Avoid problems!


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