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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.15

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.15

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Micro Signal: lewaos
Follow Le Frog Micro Signal: lewaos, Close! ! ! Broke the news in advance, update announcement early release, special events, but also a lot of prizes, we quickly focus on it!

Add notification function based SMS classified
Optimized Desktop uninstall applications to improve fluency
Optimized m a Desktop Slide fluency increased
Add part of the city center optimization weather data
Fix errors after restart the desktop launcher
Fix Balance treasure can not be used

OS5 user attention:
Click the folder application optimization tips to increase effectiveness (By Vizr)
Fix Error number of unread SMS reminder (By shiyishi)
Fix lock screen weather temperature display anomalies (By stranded small fishing)
Open repair flashlight invalid (By JXT)
Fix Cool 5890 classification management within File Manager software displays the number of abnormal
Fix garbage occasionally FC
Fix returns the desktop appears “Loading” message box (By-based Friends of 1234)

Le Frog tips:
A lot of feedback Frog fans list this week, did not mention their own optimization models, illustrated here, the lest they misunderstand:
Le Frog ROM version updated weekly for the entire ROM platform, it solves most of the problems are all models of the problem, so there is no previous update details specifically described. Now update the details list of all models have been added to update a column, all models there is no single label or chip platform update details are all models for updates.

(2) ensure that the benefits of the latest version of Rom
ROM update weekly music frogs are complaining about problems for the user to do a lot of optimization, in the latest version to fix and improve, it is strongly recommended that you brush into every Friday latest ROM version.

Full model update:
Optimization associates have a multiple numbers, slide to the SMS interface display rules
MMS repair process will slide up and down the list inadvertently highlight effect
Repair into the session, the SMS deletion interface, do not check any text, delete button should be grayed out
Fix click on the desktop shortcut dial widgets, pop-up selection box is a dual SIM 4.x style
Fix initials contacts should exactly match the row in front of people in some matches
Fix for SIM card, outgoing call records in the name of or access card should restore the default
Fix stranger details in avatar-right
The first column lists repair Surnames Surname show incomplete
Repair if the SIM card is not a contact, select a contact from the SIM card into the bottom of the screen and copy button should hide Surnames

Weather in some cities optimizing No data
Fix lashing finishing Icon Function icons and icon will lead to overlapping, widget icons overlap with
Fix the desktop icon just covered the last screen, reset the desktop will have an extra blank page (Microsoft Campus Pioneer feedback)
Fix into an application, press the home button to exit, press the home key to enter the aerial, earlier application is not in the task list
Weather Change City to Haikou repair, suggesting that “access to weather fails, check the network connection or no data in the region.”
Fix first click the desktop Baidu search applications, the first screen will automatically generate a new icon
Fix third-party applications on the tray, press and drag the delete icon disappears after the abolition
Fix long press the return key on the end of the program, on the desktop, long-press the return key will end the desktop
Fix unlocked without animation
Fix lock screen weather temperature display anomalies (stranded small fishing feedback)
Fix the desktop dynamically updated data added some great widget, sliding screen will appear after repeated sliding case Caton

Music Player
Fix the music is paused, use a key clean-up, and then click the menu button to enter the music select Exit, exit function failure
Repair oversized fonts, my singer, Ta incomplete information in the information display

File Manager
Repair phone is not inserted SD card and the phone comes with internal memory, internal storage file manager displays an error

Common Controls
Balance treasure can not be repaired, go directly to a black screen
Fix third-party applications known almost, click on the top right corner of the bell icon, known almost FC
Recommended Fix SMS add common phrases button controls should be suspended
Repair information settings, manage the information in the upper right corner of the SIM card refresh icon too, and sometimes refresh the screen rotation icon will appear
Repair group Delete key to delete the bottom of the screen, click no click effect
Most pop repair only one button at the bottom of the bottom right corner of the button pressed effect non-rounded
Fix security interceptor, click Security Center blacklist, whitelist, information, calls, control background did not turn blue
Repair mobile security – Find mobile phone interface, there should be a drop-down control on small downward triangle indicates a pulldown
Fix click Cancel or OK bomb box, press the effect will become sharp, rather than rounded
Fix Security Center does not call common control resources
Fix the gallery of the entire election invalid click the icon
Fix Download Manager, long press a download entry pop-up box needs to be optimized

Traffic Monitoring
Repair set monthly traffic flow monitoring remaining low, the status bar is not prompted.
Repair traffic monitoring traffic ranking list application details interface, networking, rights management controls at the click switch area, open \ close function is invalid

Security Center
Fix Security Center -> scavenging exit interface sporadic scavenging system cleanup FC
Even when the fix is ??now entering Security Center Security Center FC
Repair is not set too flow of packages, when an application using the data over 1M pop-up dialog box, and click to set the package, can not enter the package settings

Set up
Bluetooth pairing with mobile phone repair later, you can not cancel the pairing (Vizr feedback)

File Manager
Fix File Manager in internal or external SD card management interface, long press select a file, and then uncheck, check box does not disappear

App Store
Repair applications supermarket Jinshan drug tyrants phone can not download

Qualcomm platform updates:
Repair information list today, yesterday and earlier background color is inconsistent with OS5 style
Fix backup information to the internal storage, export SMS message box always displayed Export to SD card
Fix exit the application to return to the desktop, the desktop will even now reloading again, a “Loading” message box
Fix status bar flashlight switch, click No response
Fix the switch position status bar custom page upper left corner of the icon background color does not return
Fix the music player to play music, the spectrum can not be beat
Fix security interceptor to intercept time settings, click OK or Cancel controls, background blue without the controls completely covered
Repair deleted blacklist numbers, intercept text messages, intercept calls recording, click OK or Cancel, the blue background coverage incomplete and did not completely cover the control
Fix File Manager, click any folder, unable to enter the next menu level
Repair USB charging, the phone will automatically restart

M 1, Nexus Update:
Caton repair sliding around the desktop, not with the hand, particularly in the aerial interface
Fix status bar without headphones into the headphone icon
Fix Call settings need to be updated in the check box for the switch style
Click to show where repair settings brightness settings FC
Fix flashlight open invalid, the flash does not light

5890 update:
Fix File Manager, classified management of screening storage space, SD card and internal memory backwards
Fix File Manager category management documentation, installation packages and themes have always been displayed as “0”


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