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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.08

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.08

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

OS5 user attention:
Fix red rice phone Caton
Repair network traffic monitoring modify application permissions invalid
Fix TCL idol X wifi hotspot to share invalid (By Xuanxuan Daya hungry)
Fix m an amazing theme Xpress can not change the font
Cool 5890 repair files within the file manager repeated
New Cool 5890 Bluetooth sharing network
Optimized Bluetooth, mute icon

New intelligent answer (switch settings in the call)
New flip mute (switch settings in the call)
Optimized contact list has a SIM card contact, select all delete operations should be performed to the user-friendly tips
Fix click on the desktop shortcut dial widgets, pop-up selection box is 4.0 dual sim style
Fix dialpad enter part numbers, matching contacts to highlight the characters are not accurate

Unlock speed optimization
Finishing icon sensitivity optimization swinging phone (switch settings in the desktop)
After optimizing launch third-party applications, shielding its shortcut on the Desktop
Fix shutdown in the boot, the desktop FC (JXT feedback)
Fix the SIM card icon in the toolbox and arbitrary folder, unplug the SIM card, only one icon in the folder, drag the folder FC
Repair remove all cities weather, the weather dynamic icon will be displayed before the default is still the city’s temperature values

Common Controls
Optimize system settings, security settings in the “Show password” character is not centered down
Optimized Bluetooth headset is connected the Bluetooth icon when the volume addition and subtraction
Optimization to the next level menu “>” icon color is gray, it should be displayed as a blue-gray

Traffic Monitoring
Fix Flow Calibration sometimes FC
Fix Close ‘drop-down notification bar displays traffic statistics “will be prompted to restart the phone after each set Package

Variety Theme
Apply font when repairing bomb box does not display the font name

Security Center
Fix Safety Center after a language switch will now enter the FC
Fix setting – notification bar – after clicking the application notice must now push manager FC

Qualcomm platform
Fix dual card off, unplug one card after the boot, the desktop FC
Fix the switch to customize the interface, toggle icon does not replace the data card into 5.0 style, and both sides need to stay margins
Repair Bluetooth, mute icon is much smaller than that of the battery icon
Repair system settings, sound and vibration volume bomb box set interface needs centered title
Fix download manager and long press any download or download the application, remove the bottom of the control error
Fix Download Manager, click on the download and downloaded Tab page, the background should be dark blue, and the background color and the bottom horizontal line shows overlap
Repairing monthly traffic flow monitoring progress bar shows the remaining deficiencies remind overlap
Repair mobile security settings interface, click Security Password and Security phone number after the pop-up box on the right should not display a small arrow icon
Repair flow calibration, the date is invalid with traffic alerts, exceeds the set value will not pop up
Dual cards standby phone repair set – Security Settings – Click Set up SIM card lock, phone FC

M 1, Nexus
Repair open an MMS message FC (relationships that touch feedback)
Fix boot application reported FC
Fix default avatar does not cover the whole, there is a gap left
Repair after reboot frequently unable to load the SIM card tool applications (STK) or the desktop icon came in last position (non-original position) (luobiao feedback)
Fix status bar signal icon downwards
Fix Calculator history list box beyond the screen

Fix lock screen status bar should not appear as white or transparent

Red Rice
Optimize system fluency
Fix the dial pad to enter numbers often FC problems
Repair via phone unlocking progress dial repeatedly encountered FC problems


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