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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.01

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.11.01

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Brush Description
1) New Cool 5890 models support, brush before Le Frog OS5 Always double clear.
Supported models
ZTE: V970 / V889S / V987 / V967S / N909 / V889D Legend: A750 / P700 / A789 / S890 / P770 / S920 good domain: G2 / G2 Dual Core / G3 / G2S / G4 / TCL: TCL 950 Huawei: C8812 / C8813/C8813D / C8813Q Amoi: Big V / big V-progress version of the N828 Millet: Millet 1 / millet 1S / red rice Mobile Google: Galaxy Nexus Other: peppers M1 / day language U86 / Cool 5890 / Zhuopu C2

OS5 week Recommended:
Cool new 5890 models support
Add a new message, desktop mail subscript Tips
Optimized App Store icon
Optimize camera preview screen to full screen by default
After importing contacts optimization to improve the clarity of Avatar

OS5 user attention:
Optimization Surnames letters confusion, lack of (lb0329 feedback)
optimized for high speed communication models and charging status bar as well as the percentage of time font is too large (By Le yapping wow)
optimization Weather positioning (By Moongazing Lv not two)
Fix the application icon Drag the folder error (By JXT)
repair information setting the path opposite the internal and external memory card (By glysz)
Friends repair QQ2013 Desktop shortcut created functional failure (By hsdxbs1)
Recent Tasks screen repair aerial display abnormal (By LQRain)
fix the floating edit Repeat icon appears staging area (By ksal646097)
optimization Surnames letters confusion, loss (lb0329 feedback)

OS4 user concerns:
optimizing Variety Theme thumbnail display speed
optimization numbers attribution to more accurately

Optimization Surnames letters confusion, lack of (lb0329 feedback)
Optimization QHD resolution, information editing interface to add and send button (Vizr feedback)
After importing contacts optimization to improve the clarity of Avatar
Optimized matching dial out special number avatar is not uniform
Optimization saved contacts without displaying yellow pages information call records
Optimization saved contact phone number in the dial-up interface and remove the numbers between attribution attribute display
Fix dial sporadic acore FC
Fix ringtone settings interface should not have “Call” subtitle
Fix to remove without contact, the contact interface unreasonable search tips
Importing and Exporting repair information set built card and external card path opposite
Click on the pictures fix MMS details of the interface into the picture, set a picture as wallpaper, select the same settings, cropping determined long stuck in the loading screen

Optimization Weather positioning
Fix some background applications sometimes do not appear in the list of tasks recent aerial interface (LQRain feedback)
Aerial repair clean interface icons and memory values ??overlap
Friends shortcut created on the desktop repair QQ2013 functional failure (hsdxbs1 feedback)
Fix gallery and camera settings when in the background, the aerial interface icons have two gallery
Repair install applications to the SD card, reboot and install applications on the SD card will disappear from the folder
Fix drag the icon to the bottom of staging area, click in the staging area, the icon will appear occasionally repeat
Fix desktop screen slide effects set to “flip”, repeatedly sliding screen or thumbnail mode from the desktop back to the desktop, the screen edge will cause more part of the application icon
Repair the installation application drag the application icon to a folder, even now starter FC

Common Controls
Optimization Notification Manager to add interception interface, application lists about spacing values
Fix SMS interception interface, long press a check of entry interface, click on the top right corner of the Select All button, click again unable to deselect all

Variety Theme
Repair Variety topic downloading wallpapers, exit live wallpaper details interface to re-enter, still shows the download button
Repair Variety Theme dynamic wallpaper has been downloaded, the thumbnail does not show download logo
Fix the download section theme, font, prompting the download is complete, and then prompted to download failed
Repair Variety theme default storage path of dynamic wallpaper, but the amazing local dynamic wallpaper theme of the wallpaper is not displayed in thumbnail
Repair Variety Theme Online Desktop wallpaper interface is being used simultaneously display two wallpaper

Security Center
Fix security interceptor delete whitelist numbers, the lack of a pop-up box prompt

Music Player
Repair phone with third-party player, click the notification bar downloaded music, pop music box no frogs own music player

Qualcomm platform
Optimization of the status bar, and the percentage of speed and charging time is too large font display
Repair replacement lock screen wallpaper, amazing theme FC
Repair Variety topic online theme interface, fast upward sliding interface, slide in the end portion, Variety Theme FC
Fix inserting an SD card with a theme exist, online topic should be synchronized to the same theme “downloaded” tab repair replacement fonts, application management application name list size is blocked
Fix dual sim mobile phone, single card into the ringtone settings, the interface no display
Fix the alarm sounds, the lock screen will change music interface
Fix phone status information about each of the right of the right arrow icon should be removed
Fix Call settings and status information on the phone screen, click on the menu button the screen will darken
Fix call interface does not display the contact picture, dial and hang up only displayed when
Fix the sound and vibration set SMS tones, SMS does not ring set later
Fix FWVGA resolution, strange Avatar Display contact details in the right side
Fix widget a key lock screen is too large
CDMA mobile phone signal towers repairing mobile data upload and download icon color and signal color is not uniform
Click on the drop-down status bar fix shutdown, the interface is blocked by a black background

M 1, Nexus
Repair flow can not be calibrated
Repair using cool dog music lock screen, unlocked phone crashes (silver moon feedback)


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