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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.09.27

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LA-M1 LeWa OS5 13.09.27

ROM = /himax/rom/lewa/

Brush Description
1) this week, mainly for OS5 sprint, restoration efforts OS4 is slightly reduced but not stopped.
2) OS5 first phase officially released.
September 29 16:00 pm publish new OS5, the first batch of models: TCL950, ZTE V987
9?30 morning of 10:00 Posted: Amoi N828, Zhuopu C2, ZTE V967S, good domain G4, Lenovo S920 .
Other models usual Friday update.
Le Frog 0S5 recommend upgrading backup of data double clear brush the whole package, from OS5 OS4 recommend downgrading to a complete package Shuangqing brush.
3) Le Frog with OS5 release, Le Frog Forum 2013 May at 21:00 on September 26th spot overall upgrade announcement, will not normally visit Le Frog Forum, see: Le Frog Forum upgrade announcement.
4) In order to prevent power consumption, high pass 4.1,4.0, MTK4.0 temporarily remove anti inadvertently mode, the power consumption problem upon re-engineer to repair the line, plans next week to repair the line. 5) Next Friday (No. 10.4) in the National Day holiday, do not publish models ROM, the next issue updated October 11.

Support models
MTK platform: v. 970 / V889S / V987 / V967S / Big V / Big V progress version / N828 / A750 / P700 / A789 / S890 / P770 / S920
/ G2 / G2 Dual Core / G3 / G2S / G4 / TCL 950
Qualcomm Platform: C8812 / C8813/C8813D / C8813Q / N909 / V889D / peppers M1 / day language U86
Full model (MTK + Qualcomm platform) updates.

Le Frog OS5 first phase officially released.
Le Frog OS4 Week optimization fixes:

Attribution to repair some problems
Optimize traffic monitoring alert mechanisms: a single application exceeds 1M reminder times in the background of a second, longer ignore the frog to remind fans
Night mode automatically rotating screen click on the screen will suddenly look bright at night is dazzling (By If Xi from the War)
System settings, stored in the internal memory and external storage uninstall function no (By the enemy regardless)
In case the file manager to open, insert OTG, OTG File Manager can not slide letter page (By someyy)

S950 optimized boot animation representing card
Optimization of background traffic alert mechanism, the application only once using traffic alert after more than 1M
Sometimes when you set up to optimize the balance sheet date, can not set the number of 1 to 3, the controls will not pull up
Theme optimized thumbnail preview interface, often not loaded thumbnail slide up and down or left and right must be under the thumbnails to load

Repair application store fishing Daren can not download
Fix security center, space junk clean-up system scan, store cleanup stops running
After switching the default card repair, calibration flow always show “calibration” (more than one hour)
Night mode automatically repair clicks rotating screen screen will suddenly look bright at night is dazzling (if unfortunately the feedback from the War)
Repair opened the night mode (black), and then the screen will suddenly open a book to read in bright look in the (small-story night crying feedback)
In the case of repair the file manager to open, insert OTG, OTG File Manager can not slide letter page
Repair system settings are stored in the internal memory and external storage uninstall function is not a
After the repair into intelligent power management sessions, click on temporary exit function is invalid, a few seconds and automatically enters the smart power saving
Repair and lock screen theme package name is repeated, there will not be a normal situation download


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