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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V35

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LA-M1 BaiduOS Cloud V35

ROM = /himax/rom/baidu/

Known BUG:
WIFI hotspot
Four Diamond does not vibrate
missed call SMS breathing lights do not flash
other unknown

Disclaimer: The
machine may be different for each person’s way is not necessarily right brush so may cause problems, ROM of the ROM is a public release The behavior does not exist any revenue liability issues, a problem to be players at their own risk, which I have to observe the practice, if the player can not do that, do not brush, you can choose not to brush, but the brush will own risk.
1 Brush risk, brush before be careful
2 for Brush upgrade caused any problems with the ROM authors and forums unrelated
3 This ROM is for AC test uses
my ROM support reprint welcome to reprint but reprinted Note Ming
I also welcome the support of the ROM of the ROM you split my own produce better ROM but even if you specify
any forum any individual on the basis of transplantation, modify, second compiler must indicate the source 592ZN Forum
592zn in this statement, we will retain the right to take further legal action.
Given the sensitivity of copyright, is hereby modified in 592 individuals ROM production release of several requests:
1.592zn oil in his own name, modify, publish ROM package, copyright attribution 592zn.
2 Personal modified version of the Brush Pack, generally should be based on the official forums package for the 592 base package for production.
3 Personal modify package, in addition to the version number update is prohibited delete copyright information.
4 modified version of the ROM banned built rogue, viruses, pornography software category.
5 contrary to the foregoing, a warning will be processed and delete entries, hold copyright ownership.


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